Wednesday, June 29

WhatsApp prepares a third blue check: What will it do?

WhatsApp is constantly evolving. The application could bring interesting news in order to protect user privacy. The instant messaging company wants to add a third blue check mark when taking a screenshot in a conversation.

The update may come after the complaints of many users on social networks where they claim that the application lacks sufficient security methods.

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The third blue check mark will appear in future updates when a screenshot is taken in a group conversation. The following notice will appear: “The user (xxx) has taken a screenshot. For your safety, do not provide any personal information, you could be a victim of fraud or extortion.”

With the current version of the tool, when there is only one check mark it means that the message has been sent, when there are two check marks it means that it has reached the server and has been sent; when they turn blue, it means the recipient has read the message.

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