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Twitch Streamer Gives An Expensive PC And $ 5000 USD To A Follower | Levelup

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Due to the Twitch hack at the beginning of October, we know that many streamers can earn millions of dollars with their live broadcasts. Fortunately, there are those who use their privileged position and resources to do good deeds and make people happy who need it most. That’s the case with Mizkif, a popular content creator who surprised a fan with an impressive gift.

During a recent live stream, the content creator set out to buy items that were featured on some fans’ Amazon wish lists. Needless to say, that day she spent thousands of dollars in order to make her community happy.

Mizkif spent over $ 10,000 on gifts for a follower

At one point, Mizkif selected user Moxn01, who had a rather modest wish list. Specifically, I was only asking for a relatively cheap $ 220 PC, a Razer mouse, and a Samsung device. Said items do not exceed $ 500 USD.

The user in question is a university student from Morocco who watched the live broadcast from his cell phone, as he does not even have a monitor. So he wanted a relatively cheap computer to continue his studies. After hearing this story, the rest of the viewers who watched the broadcast asked the streamer to improve the offer.

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Fortunately, Mizkif listened to his community and stated that he would use all the money he gets from the subscriptions of the next 5 minutes to buy a better PC from Moxn01. Luckily, the subscriptions kept coming in and it was possible to raise a good sum of money.

In this way, the content creator managed to buy the Moroccan student an expensive One True King computer worth $ 5000. It doesn’t end here, as he also gave her a Surface Pro laptop, 2 monitors, and an additional $ 5,000. Of course, his only condition to make this noble donation a reality was that the user pledged not to leave their studies.

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Of course, Moxn01 could not believe what happened and even assured that such a gift was not necessary. Likewise, he told the streamer that he better save that money to give to other viewers. Mizkif said it was not a problem and stressed that, in fact, much of the financing for the new computer and the rest of the articles came from the chat.

But tell us, what do you think of the action of this streamer? Let us read you in the comments.

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