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The Witcher: ¿Yennefer o Triss? Henry Cavill reitera que es Team Yennefer | LevelUp

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The Witcher: Wild Hunt allows players to choose whether they want Geralt of Rivia to keep Yennefer of Vengerberg or Tris Merigold as his partner. Since then there is a huge debate over which of the 2 is the best match for Geralt and the fandom has split into Team Yennefer and Team Triss. Henry Cavill, gamer, fan of The Witcher and famous actor who plays Geralt in the Netflix series, also has an opinion about it.

Recently, Digital Spy had the opportunity to speak with Cavill as part of the press tour of The Witcher. There they made it seem very simple, but in reality it is extremely complicated: Triss or Yennefer?

If you have been aware of the actor’s statements, you know that for a long time he made it clear that he considers Yennefer to be the right partner for Geralt because there is a “powerful” element in their relationship, which makes him true love.

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Yennefer or Triss? Cavill has it very clear

A year after those statements, the actor’s opinion remains the same and it is still Team Yennefer. “For me, when I spend the video games and especially when I read the books, it has always been about what I feel is true to the essence of Geralt and that is Team Yennefer.”

Later, the actor acknowledged that the freedom CD Projekt RED games give you to make decisions for Geralt is great. With this, he makes it clear that the option of being part of Team Triss is completely valid; however, he will always see Yennefer as Geralt’s best option.

“Sure, the cool thing about games is that you can do whatever you want and that’s a really cool thing about games, but for me it was always Team Yennefer, even in games,” said the actor.

And you, which one do you prefer? Do you think Cavill is correct to be Team Yennefer? Tell us in the comments.

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