Thursday, July 7

The exit door of Real Madrid reopens

Pdoor open in the Real Madrid. The Madrid club, in agreement with the coaching staff and as happened in the summer market, does not rule out the departure of some of its players during the month of January. If the squad is lightened, you could start to think about the odd arrival, but this circumstance is now in the background. No operation has been activated pending what may happen.

There are footballers who do not count for Carlo Ancelotti and from the club they consider that their departure would be positive, with Gareth Bale and Isco to the head. Welsh and Spanish end their contract on June 30, but have not made any move that leads to

think about a change of idea with respect to what was said in summer.

There are others like Marcelo that they have barely appeared and that due to his status as captain, any decision he may make will be respected. Mariano (he took advantage of the opportunity he had against Elche), Jovic o Hazard It seems that they have reversed the situation, but proposals would be heard as they have happened in the last two years with Odriozola and Odegaard.

Ancelotti: “Isco is angry because he does not play but he has never disrespected me and I him”

It does not seem easy that any of these players agree to take the step they did not take in the summer, that is, listen to proposals and leave Real Madrid in search of another destination. It is also true that time is running out for some of them, such as the three who end their relationship with the Madrid team. Bale, Marcelo and Isco Real Madrid will cease to be played on June 30, which may lead us to think, or at least meditate, some of the proposals that appear in the face of danger that are not valid in summer.

Real Madrid with Florentino Pérez President is not a club very given to go to the winter market. The additions for the first white team are counted on the fingers of the hand. With Mourinho came Adebayor, with Zidane, Kepa he stayed on the road and Icardi was discarded because of his way of understanding life. Reinier was the last to arrive and he did it two years ago.

Ancelotti: “I don’t know Barnett, but Bale doesn’t think that and he respects the fans”

The belief held by Valdebebas is that in the month of January there can hardly be quality players available, although now a player who has played in the Champions League can change teams and play the knockout phase. Despite this, few clubs agree to negotiate at this time.

It is evident that this time there may be interesting players like himself Mbappé o Rudiger without going any further, but neither PSG nor Chelsea are willing to let their players go this winter despite the fact that they end their contract in six months. If in the month of August it seemed necessary to reinforce the squad, the response of many players and the good work of Ancelotti have reduced that need somewhat, as reflected in the leadership in the League championship and the overwhelming access to the eighth of the Champions.

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