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Stream It Or Skip It: ‘The Silent Sea’ On Netflix, A Mysterious Lunar Mission Thriller That Makes A Very Cool

In a world where 50 years have passed since we first landed on the moon and celebrities and civilian billionaires are being launched into space, the science fiction surrounding near-Earth space travel feels more difficult to understand. achieve. Therefore, there needs to be something at stake, such as a closed lunar station that holds many secrets. That is the idea behind the Korean series. The silent sea.


Opening shot: Alarms go off on a spacecraft, with a warning saying “Oxygen levels are unstable.” As we descend, we see a woman in a spacesuit face down in her seat, regaining consciousness after being briefly unconscious.

The essence: In one version of Earth from the near future, global desertification has caused governments to ration water. The higher you are, the more water you will get.

The space administration is approaching biochemist Dr. Song Ji-an (Bae Doona) to be part of a mission to the new moon, five years after the disaster at the Balhe Lunar Research Station that left more than 100 members of the crew killed, including his sister. As part of the SAA reward, you were given a gold card that allows you to get as much water as you want. Understandably, Dr. Song is reluctant to go on a mission … until she is told that she is going to Balhe.

Meet the rest of the crew, starting with Captain Han Yoon-jae (Gong Yoo). Another member of the crew, Ryoo Tae-seok (Lee Joon) is a well-known officer whose good reputation precedes him. He also meets the ship’s doctor, Hong Ga-young (Kim Sun-young), who jokes that he likes a handsome crew, so he has a “visual appeal” to look at.

Your mission is to go to Balhe and retrieve a sample before the station closes for good. No one, including administrators, has been told what the sample is, only that it needs careful handling and they only have 24 hours to find it. That, of course, raises a lot of questions from Dr. Song. Captain Han, however, does not question it; a mission is a mission and your orders are your orders.

Just before takeoff, the crew learns that they are going to have a new co-pilot. Liftoff is going well, but as they get closer to the moon, the mounts that hold their shuttle to the main rockets begin to give way. Han makes the decision to land earlier than they expected, and a hard landing lands the shuttle over the edge of a cliff, flipping over the edge while prone. They all manage to escape to the surface before the shuttle falls off the cliff, but the only crew member who knows the space station well has punctured a lung.

They are miles apart and the oxygen in their suits will barely be enough. They are assaulted when the injured crew member sucks in and dies, not before warning the captain about the water at the station. The crew reaches Balhe, and not too soon; some are running out of oxygen as they manage to open the doors.

Foto: Netflix

What shows will it remind you of? Think of the modern version of Lost in Space with Hilary Swank’s space show Far.

Our Take: We were impressed with The silent sea written by Park Eun-kyo and directed by Choi Hang-yong, mainly because it does a good job of combining its visual effects with a well-written story that doesn’t test plausibility.

There’s enough backstory in the first episode to show viewers what’s at stake. Although we do not know what is the sample that the crew is tasked with obtaining, we do know that the lack of water on the planet is a continuous and urgent state for humanity, to the point that there is an office dedicated to the survival of the species. We don’t know much about Balhe’s accident, but we do know that Dr. Song is more or less bitter about it.

So what we have is a thriller, with a mystery mixed in, plus a good start with Dr. Song’s backstory to say the least. We anticipate that as subsequent episodes show the team scouting the station for the sample, trying to figure out how the heck they’re going to get home, they’ll find more dangers on their way. But the mystery behind what the show is and who orders the agency to risk a team’s life to get inside and find it is intriguing enough to push the story forward and keep viewers intrigued.

One thing that is for sure is that the first episode did not move slowly. Yes, there were a lot of sequences with a lot of visual effects, especially during the crew’s attempt to get out of the shuttle before it goes down, but they are an integral part of the story. When they walk across the surface to get to Balhe, there was a slight feeling that it looked less like the moon and more like a soundstage, but that is more due to the light that was shining on each member of the crew than any other. thing. There will always be an element of surrealism in a show like this, and we can handle that in the case of scenes on the surface.

Sex and skin: None.

Farewell shot: As they all barely make it into the station and the doors close behind them, Dr. Song looks out the door window at the surface they just left.

Sleeping star: Kim Sun-young makes the most of her limited screen time as Doc Hong. We hope his role increases as the season progresses.

Most of the Pilot-y line: Doc Hong says to the copilot, who keeps asking Dr. Song what level she has to access the water: “Mr. Nosy, if you can’t land this thing slowly, I’m going to puke on the back of your head. “

Our calling: STREAM IT. The story told in The silent sea It seems to be well written, at least for the first episode, without getting too bogged down in the backstories of more of the main characters.

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