Monday, June 27

Saints Row shows us new clips with weapons, locations and other activities

In August of this year Volition surprised us with the announcement of the reboot from Saints Row, a iconic sandbox saga very crazy that seeks to reinvent itself with a new installment that will mean a total reboot for the saga.

A few days ago Volition wanted show us more material from his new game with a series of clips published on Twitter that you can see attachments in this news and in which we can discover several of the locations available in the game as well as game events, factions, vehicles, and different skins for all the weapons that will be available in this sandbox so particular that promises to get us a good smile.

From February to August and I shoot because it’s my turn

Saints Row was originally going to premiere next February but Volition announced a few weeks ago that the title will be delayed until August 23 as its priority is “create the best Saints Row And, if we launch it on the original date, it will not have the standard that we have set, that you expect and deserve. The team needs more time To do our vision justice, we are making minor adjustments and there will not be much change except in overall quality and polish.“.

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