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Ready or Not: School Shooting Inspired Level Seeks to “Honor” Victims | Levelup

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This week we will talk to you about Ready or Not, a tactical shooter that, according to the statements of a developer, will include a level inspired by a school shooting in the future. This news caused a stir in the community, as there are those who claim that it is an extremely fragile topic to address in a video game. Given this, the study released a statement with the aim of explaining the philosophy with which they approach the title and its missions.

In case you don’t know, in this title, players take control of a member of a SWAT squad, who must face dangerous situations such as hostage-taking, and so on. It is an experience that, to some extent, seeks to be realistic and to recreate as faithfully as possible the hostile scenarios that law enforcement officers must deal with in real life.

Ready or Not does not seek to glorify criminal acts, say developers

VOID Interactive, the studio behind the project, stated in a tweet that it seeks to deliver high-quality impactful content that other developers do not address due to cultural conventions and norms. Of course, he recognizes that addressing a difficult subject requires a certain responsibility with the players and people who, unfortunately, experienced traumatic events similar to those seen in the game.

Likewise, the study explains that the game wants to honor the work of law enforcement officers and that it is in no way intended to glorify criminal acts.

“Rest assured that our goal is to handle all the content of Ready or Not with the weight and respect it deserves. Recently, we had to remind certain team members of the care that is necessary in discussing this material now and on an ongoing basis, “the company stated.

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VOID Interactive also recognizes that school is a fundamental part of everyday life for many people and that, sadly, the attacks in these places became an uncomfortable but all-too-common reality. For this reason he wants Ready or Not honor people affected by real-world tragedies with a performance that seeks to trivialize their experiences.

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Shortly after the studio’s plans to include a level inspired by a school shooting came to light, publisher Team17 Digital abandoned the project. However, VOID Interactive denied that the separation had anything to do with the recent controversy.

But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Let us read you in the comments.

Ready or Not is available on PC. Follow this link to read more news related to this controversial first-person shooter.

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