Tuesday, July 5

Prey, free on the Epic Games Store • Console and Dashboard

As part of Epic’s holiday celebration, Prey is available for free download on PC. We can get hold of him until five in the afternoon, at which time the next one will be revealed.


Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks create a combination of action and first person shooter. We woke up aboard a space station orbiting the Moon.

The year is 2032. As subject of an experiment, we had to change the destiny of humanity. Everything gets complicated when the station is invaded by hostile aliens. We will investigate the dark secrets of the place and our past, while we fight for survival.

To do this, we have different tools, without forgetting weapons, skills and, of course, ingenuity. We can get hold of this title until five in the afternoon, locating it in the digital store and completing the purchase, for zero euros. If we link it in time, we will keep it forever.


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