Monday, June 27

Prey available for free for PC on the Epic Games Store

Epic Games It has been feeding us for a few years interesting Christmas gifts in the form of video games that we can get completely free of charge and for a limited time in its brand new store, the Epic Games Store.

During the last days at 17:00 from Spain the store has been updated to offer us a title that we can add totally free to our library games, meeting during this Christmas with titles as interesting as Pathfinder: Kingmaker The Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden.

Since yesterday the turn has been for Prey, the iconic action-adventure game that Bethesda and Arkane released in 2017 and that now we can get it without spending a single euro when usually its price is 39.99.

We are, as we told you in our analysis, before another great game by Arkane, “full of good work, great ideas and a lot of personality, although it can remember other similar titles. If you like science fiction and deep and demanding adventures, which offer you an enormous amount of possibilities to play however you want, we are sure that Prey will not disappoint you.“.

A 10 euro coupon after claiming the game

If you claim Prey in the Epic Games Store (you will not need to do anything other than have an account created in the store), Epic will also give you an Epic Coupon of 10 euros additional discounts that you can use in any game you want to buy during the Christmas sales as long as the price of the title exceeds 14.99 euros.

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