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Pokémon: the 10 strongest male species, ranked

There are some species of Pokémon that can only be male. While not all are fantastic, some can be terrifying opponents to take on in battle.

At Pokémon franchise, there are three gender classifications for the titular pocket monsters: male, female, and gender unknown. Many species of Pokémon have the possibility of being male or female, while others, like most of the legendary and mythical ones, always have the classification of unknown genus.

While rare, there are certain species that are only male or female. They both have several powerful species associated with them, making them valuable assets for a gaming team. While some are available only in the post-game sections of certain games, they are viable anytime a coach can find them.

10 Sawk

One of the strongest pure fighting types in the Pokémon series, Sawk can stand among many of the strongest pocket monsters in a game. Although it is not among the fastest creatures in the franchise, it has a high enough speed stat to perform against a large number of opponents that it will face.

When he hits, he hits with great force due to his fantastic Attack stat. Sawk has a bit more trouble defensively, but in this regard, he can usually take at least a single hit.

9 Tauros

Although his attack power is not as great as Sawk’s, Tauros is viable in large part due to his incredible Speed ​​stat, which allows him to move before most of his enemies. Defensively, Tauros has decent success against physical attackers, but does fight a bit against special attackers. You can often take one or two such hits, but you get in trouble if you face such an enemy for too long.

His hidden ability, sheer strength, makes him more capable offensively, strengthening attacks that have an additional effect, removing the additional effect in the process. The Pokémon can’t learn many moves with additional effects when leveling up, but if trainers are willing to use TM, Tauros can be a worthwhile investment.

8 Nidoking

Nidoking’s relatively even stat distribution prevents it from standing out excessively in a particular area, but the slightly higher stat value on its Attack helps it be a fearsome combatant, making it one of the best dual-type Poison Pokémon.

He’s not as fast as Tauros, but Nidoking’s more capable Special Attack gives him more options against opponents who may specialize in one defensive category or another. Also, like Tauros, Nidoking has the hidden ability, sheer strength, that can make Nidoking an even more viable attacker.

7 Grimmsnarl

Grimmsnarl’s dual Dark / Fairy type gives him immunities to both Dragon and Psychic, two types that can deal incredible damage. This is a welcome feature because while Grimmsnarl has a high HP stat, his Defense and, to a lesser extent, Special Defense, weighs it down a bit.

However, Grimmsnarl has some fantastic offensive capabilities due to his Attack stat and access to some great moves, including his signature Spirit Break. Although not that high, Grimmsnarl’s special attack stat is also reasonable, giving him more options in battle. He also has the Prankster ability, which increases priority for status moves.

6 Gallade

Gallade is in a bit of a tricky place. His HP stat is disappointing, as is his Defense stat. Because of this, a hit from a physical movement can be disastrous for him. However, Gallade’s special defense is quite high, allowing him to take a good chunk of damage from this attack category. He also only has three types of weaknesses, which helps him defensively.

Gallade is also faster than Grimmsnarl and can sometimes, but not always, act before opponents. With his excellent Attack stat, Gallade can sweep away large numbers of his enemies using some of the fantastic moves he has access to, as long as a physical attacker doesn’t take him out first.

5 Braviary

Braviary has a fantastic Attack stat that helps make it one of the best dual-type Normal Pokémon. It shares the same Speed ​​stat with Gallade, making Braviary reasonable but not always reliable in that department.

His defensive stats share the same decent value, but his HP stat helps make up for it. Also like Gallade, Braviary only has three types of weaknesses, so he can survive a good amount of time during most matches. Like Tauros and Nidoking, Braviary also has Sheer Force as a skill option.

4 Thundurus

As a Legendary, Thundurus has a higher base stat total than most Pokémon players will encounter in a match. While it is not the best of its ranking, it does have some cool features. Thundurus has two variations: Incarnate Forme and Therian Forme, each of which has its own benefits and drawbacks.

His incarnate form has incredible speed and excellent attack and special attack stats. His defensive stats are decent but not incredible, giving him a more offensive focus. His Therian Forme slightly reduces his Attack and Speed, significantly increasing his Special Attack in the process.

3 Tornadus

Like Thundurus, Tornadus also has two forms. The Pokémon ranks decently between the Legendary and Mythical Unova Pokémon, and while it doesn’t have an offensive stat that matches that of Therian Forme Thundurus, it tends to find more success due to its ability, Regenerator, which it gains when in its Therian Forme. . .

This ability restores a third of your maximum HP when switched out of battle. Along with this, he has an even better speed stat than Thundurus when in this variation, allowing him to almost always act first in battle.

2 Latios

Latios can easily defeat a large portion of its enemies due to its phenomenal Special Attack stat and its ability to out-speed most rival Pokémon. If you don’t take them out in one hit, Latios may struggle against physical attackers, but he excels against specials thanks to his excellent special defense stat.

However, one of the most worrying features of Latios is the fact that it has six types of weaknesses. On the other hand, his dual Dragon / Psychic type also gives him six type resistances, making this combination a bit like a double-edged sword. Additionally, his ability, Levitate, gives him immunity to Ground-type attacks, making him slightly more viable on defense.

1 Landorus

Like Thundurus and Tornadus, Landorus has an Incarnate Frome and a Therian Forme. Due to his dual Ground / Flying typing, Landorus only has two types of weaknesses, although Ice is an extreme vulnerability for him. He also has immunities to Electricity and Ground as a result of his combination of types.

In her embodied form, Landorus has relatively equal values ​​for her attack and special attack stats, but in her Therian form, she sacrifices some of her special attack and speed for a dramatically improved attack stat, making her a destructive force. .

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