Thursday, July 7

Nintendo Switch servers go down for Christmas

Yesterday was the day of Christmas, a very special day for many families for the typical meetings and for the arrival of the gifts of Santa Claus who sneaks through our chimneys (or enters our houses as best he can) to leave us our gifts under the Christmas tree.

Among these gifts in many houses have come brand new consoles like Nintendo Switch, although yesterday some of the new owners of the Nintendo hybrid (and a good part of the rest of its players) found themselves with problems when entering the eShop or to use other online functions.

Around 7 in the afternoon Nintendo itself published a tweet warning of the problem, commenting that they were aware that there were players experiencing these types of errors and that they were working on solving them, something that they managed to do hours later in which the service returned to normal.

Nintendo and Xbox recommended setting up the consoles before Christmas to avoid these problems.

This error on the servers is due among other things to the large number of Nintendo Switch that Santa Claus left under the Christmas tree, with many new users wanting to enter the Nintendo servers to download their first game or create their account, which caused these connectivity failures.

Precisely to avoid them, Nintendo and Xbox recommended a few days ago to set up the new consoles before Christmas Day, a task that Santa’s elves seem unable to accomplish given all the work they had to deliver gifts. For example, Nintendo’s message was this: “This weekend, access will focus on the Nintendo Switch servers and it is expected that the Nintendo Account will not be created immediately. If you plan to use the Nintendo Switch family of consoles for the first time, we recommend that you create it in advance.“.

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