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LoL: Imagine Dragons vocalist sings the opening of Arcane in full game LevelUp

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Since its launch in early November, Arcane, the series of League of Legends, managed to become an immediate success. This was possible thanks to its beautiful animation and story that delves into the lore of the video game. Of course, its soundtrack resonated with the community as well, quickly gaining popularity on digital platforms like Spotify.

Now, can you imagine listening to the vocalist of Imagine Dragons sing the opening song of the Netflix series live while you quietly wait for a game of League of Legends Of start? As impossible as it may seem, that was exactly what a group of extremely lucky players went through.

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During a recent live broadcast, Dan Reynolds, lead singer of the American band Imagine Dragons, joined the group of content creator Drew “Midbeast” Timbs to play some games of League of Legends. At one point, he decided to sing the chorus of Enemy, the song that we can hear in the opening credits of Arcane.

Naturally, both the content creator and live viewers did not hesitate to express their excitement after hearing Dan Reynolds’ impressive bass and treble notes. You can see the clip below:

The members of Imagine Dragons are fans of League of Legends

To the surprise of many, Arcane it does not represent the first approach of the American band with the universe of the MOBA. We must remember that, in 2014, the song was released Warriors, which served as the anthem of the League of Legends World Championship in that year’s edition.

Similarly, both Dan Reynolds and the rest of the members of Imagine Dragons are fans of the video game. During an interview, the vocalist affirmed that the whole band plays a lot whenever they have the opportunity and even confessed that they were late to a concert because of the game.

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