Wednesday, July 6

Jordi Alba did it well

‘Outdoors’ week. There are footballers for whom it is too late to be sympathetic. One of them is Jordi Alba. As with veteran players, Bara and the Spanish national team have an extensive filmography. Every debatable action that he officiates will have a previous filming that will leave him underground. Every controversial phrase I utter will dust off a library of memories

It happened in the Pizjun, where Bilardo entered, eternal owner of that one “those of colorao are ours”. Jordi Alba and Kound laughed in the band.The southpaw hit the Frenchman with two strokes of the chest and shoulder, in the style of the billiards of ‘The laws of the border’, the movie of razors and manes by Daniel Monzn. The answer was a ball from Kound that hit Jordi Alba, who had no choice but to seriously injure himself.

Canchero anthologist

Kound deservedly saw the red card, a color that serves to heal the victims, in this case Jordi Alba. In a few minutes a debate was opened – life is full of them – about the behavior of the azulgrana, whom they accused of being a provocateur, an actor and a guy with a background.

In this type of event there are two ways. If Jordi Alba is from the opposing team, he becomes a pimp uncontrolled, a proud man who does not respect anything and goes through life looking for fights. If Jordi Alba defends our colors then there is the joker of defining him as a canchero, The guy with the open bar for a prize.

What he has done is cool, I know. Soccer, a decision-making academy, does not end with the ball. A canchero is one who wears an invisible watch. The canchero knows where and how to make a foul. The canchero knows when to squeeze the referee and when to dedicate a poem to him. The canchero knows when to wallow. The canchero knows when to have a cramp. The canchero knows how to act when receiving a pitch. Jordi Alba interpreted the play well.

The lack of Casemiro

Canchero can also be called Casemiro, a footballer who would be a vital piece with Xavi or Simeone, and that it is for Ancelotti. The Brazilian knows where to hit. It was not like that when he deserved the red for his lack of Ivn Alejo. He decided to exploit the action as if it were the infraction of the century. He spoke of a six month injury if I had caught him (you will never know) and later posted a photo of the action with the caption ‘Afghanistan’. He had yet to call a press conference.

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