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How to hide Google contacts without deleting them

Knowing how to hide contacts from Google could be the difference between having easy access to the people you communicate with regularly and having to search through a large number of unused entries for them.

Whether it’s the language learning apps we promise ourselves we’ll use one day or those pictures of pets we never look at, our devices are full of things we know we don’t need but can’t get rid of.

The same can be said for contacts. Who among us doesn’t have a ton of phone numbers or email addresses that we never use but don’t want to part with?

Fortunately, Google Contacts makes it easy to hide these entries by storing them in a separate folder. They will no longer appear in your main contact list, but will still be available if you ever feel like digging them up again.

So read on and we’ll show you how to hide Google contacts from your address book without deleting them.

1. Go to Google Contacts in a desktop browser and sign in with your Google account. You will see a list of all your contacts.

(Image credit: Google)

2. To hide a single contact, start with clicking on the three dots to the right of the contact. Then click on “Hide from contacts. “This will put you in the”Other contacts“File.

(Image credit: Google)

3. For multiple contacts, click the icon next to each contact and a check box will appear next to each one. Click on the three dots at the top of the page, then “Hide from contacts.”

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(Image credit: Google)

4. To restore a single hidden contact to your address book, go to the “Other Contacts” folder and click on the “Add to Contacts” icon.

(Image credit: Google)

5. To restore multiple hidden contacts, go to the “Other Contacts” folder and click the icon next to each contact so that a check box appears next to each one. Click the “Add to Contacts” icon at the top of the page..

(Image credit: Google)

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