Thursday, June 30

Home Alone actor Devin Ratray accused of trying to strangle his girlfriend

Become Ratray, known for his portrayal of Buzz McCallister, the brother abuse the protagonist of ‘Home alone‘, has been arrested after being accused of attempting to strangle his girlfriend.

It all happened when the 44-year-old actor and his partner had a strong discussion in a bar, after which his girlfriend decided to return alone to the room of the hotel where they were staying. However, the interpreter, who could not relax, continued to the hotel where he allegedly hit her in the face, covered her mouth with one hand and tried to strangle her. The woman managed to get out of Ratray biting his hand and, after managing to collect his things, he went to a safe place and reported the attack to the police authorities.

After the case was closed without any arrest, last Wednesday the actor was arrested following the issuance of a court order regarding the altercation. Devin Ratray is now facing an accusation of domestic assault and of strangulation assault.

The actor has assured in statements to TMZ that the discussion was only verbal, so he has denied all kinds ofgresin fsica.

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