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Halo Infinite is cool, but it’s not a finished game

Halo Infinite has garnered a lot of critical acclaim and for good reason, but there’s no way to prevent it from being a “finished” game yet.

Infinite Halo is the latest installment in Microsoft’s flagship first-person shooter franchise and was intended to be a launch title for Xbox Series X. After a poor reaction to the game’s campaign reveal, the difficult decision was made to delay Infinite Halothe release date in a full year, and the game finally got its proper release in December 2021.

When comparing the reveal of the initial campaign with the launch product, it is clear that the Infinite Halo The delay did the game good. However, it is also clear that the game is not technically in a final state yet, with some important features that fans have come to expect from the game missing. aura franchise and at the time of writing it lacks modes to the point where it is impossible to unlock all Infinite Haloachievements.

343 Industries will undoubtedly release more updates for Infinite Halo in the coming months to make it a more content-rich game, and while it’s certainly worth playing in its current state, there’s no way to prevent it from having a long way to go before it reaches its full potential.

Do you have Halo Infinite Co-Op?

The campaign cooperative has been a basic element of the aura franchise since Halo: Combat Evolved released in 2001, with all major series aura game compatible with the function thereafter. Halo 5: Guardians It was then that the series began to introduce restrictions on cooperative campaign play, removing the split-screen from widespread criticism, while still supporting online cooperative mode. Infinite Halo, unfortunately, it is the first major series aura the game will launch without any cooperative support for your campaign.

The cooperative was planned to be in Infinite Halo at launch, but it was delayed so that the developers could get it right while ensuring that the game’s release date didn’t have to be pushed back again. It is not clear exactly why the cooperative cannot be listed in Infinite Halo at launch, but it may have something to do with the game’s new open-world structure. Generally speaking, most open world games don’t offer co-op at all, and with Infinite Halo promising split-screen cooperative, one has to imagine that it would be difficult to implement.

An exact release date for Infinite Halo 343 Industries has not announced the campaign co-op, but it is expected to arrive sometime in May 2022 when Season 1 ends and Season 2 begins. Infinite Halo The flaw allows the split-screen co-op for those curious to see how it might end up working, though it lacks important features and it’s certainly not what the final product will look like.

Can you repeat missions in Halo Infinite?

Open world games do not typically allow players to replay missions, with a few exceptions, so it is not all that surprising that Infinite Halo it also lacks this feature. We know Infinite Halo It will allow players to replay the story missions at some point, but similar to the missing co-op feature, fans aren’t quite sure when it will be added. And also as a cooperative, repeating missions has been a staple of the aura franchise, so see what is missing in Infinite Halo it’s disappointing for sure.

The official reason why Infinite Halo does not allow players to replay missions because the developers want to make sure the feature works properly before adding it to the game. It’s anyone’s guess when it could be added, but in the meantime, its absence may be causing problems for the finalists. Unless someone was following a guide while playing through the Infinite Halo campaign or by thoroughly hunting down all the collectibles, a skull or audio record may have been lost in one of the mission areas. And since it is currently not possible to replay the story missions, it means Infinite Halo Players essentially can’t get those collectibles until an update adds quest replays.

For impatient players who want to unlock all Infinite HaloThese achievements, which require collecting skulls and other collectibles, mean having to start a new save file and play the game again. Those who can wait will just have to wait until 343 Industries adds mission replays in a future game update.

Where is Halo Infinite’s elimination mode?

Completionists who want to unlock all Infinite Halo Achievements are out of luck anyway, with or without the ability to replay missions. One of the achievements in Infinite Halo is called “MEDIC!” and asks players to revive three allies in a matched Elimination game. The problem is that the Infinite Halo Elimination mode does not currently exist in the game. Therefore, at the time of writing, it is impossible to unlock all Infinite Halo achievements and 100% gameplay.

Infinite Halo initially released with just a few playlists, forcing players to play game modes they aren’t necessarily interested in playing like Capture the Flag and Oddball. Fortunately, 343 Industries has responded to fan comments about the Infinite Halo multiplayer playlists and has added Fiesta, FFA Slayer, Tactical Slayer, and Team Slayer modes to match the other playlists the game had at launch. I hope this means that Infinite Halo fans don’t have to wait too long for Elimination Mode to hit the free multiplayer component of the game.

Where is the Halo Infinite Forge mode?

Forge Mode was introduced in the aura series with Halo 3, giving fans unprecedented customization options and allowing them to tweak multiplayer maps. Through the years, auraForge mode has expanded exponentially, giving fans more and more freedom when building maps. Halo 5The Forge mode was especially impressive, and many fans are excited to see how it Infinite Halo Forge’s version will bring to the table.

At the same time as 343 announced the Infinite Halo Cooperative campaign delay, also announced the delay of Forge. Forge is expected to reach Infinite Halo Around the same time as co-op, which means fans shouldn’t expect to see it in-game until May 2022 or so. Whenever Forge mode hits the game, it should help ensure a constant stream of fan-created content which, in turn, will greatly increase the value of the game. Until then, fans will just have to get by without the popular mode.

Does Halo Infinite have a dynamic climate?

For the most part, there has been high praise for Infinite Haloof the campaign, and for good reason. The Infinite Halo The campaign is fun and shows that an open world takes the aura the formula certainly works. Even so, the Infinite Halo The campaign is not without its criticism, as some have complained that the Zeta Halo setup lacks certain features to help bring it to life, such as dynamic weather, for example.

It has been argued that a greater variety in Infinite HaloThe weather system would be of great help and luckily this is another feature that is supposedly on the way. 343 Industries has not provided a timetable for when Infinite Halo Fans can expect dynamic weather, but it is something that is reportedly being worked on and will presumably be rolled out in one of the many updates that are reserved for the game.

Halo Infinite is unfinished, but still worth playing

Infinite Halo lacks features that are basic elements of the aura franchise, so it’s hard to get rid of the feeling that it’s an unfinished game. But even though Infinite Halo It’s not the full package yet, it’s worth checking out, especially since multiplayer is completely free and the campaign is playable via Xbox Game Pass. Overtime, Infinite Halo It should become an ever better game, but fans will have to wait for future updates to get the full experience.

Infinite Halo It is available now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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