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Gran Turismo 7 brochure reveals number of cars and tracks

A Japanese Gran Turismo 7 flyer reveals new details about the upcoming racing game, including total vehicles and number of tracks.

While 2021 was a somewhat tepid year for PlayStation 5 exclusives, Sony is looking to speed things up for 2022. The list of PS5 exclusives planned for 2022 is long, but near the top of the list is undeniable. Gran Turismo 7. The latest entry in one of the oldest series on PlayStation, Gran Turismo 7 seeks to offer a huge leap forward in visual fidelity unlike any racing game before it. Fans hungry for new information have now been rewarded with a flyer that reveals details about Gran Turismo 7Total cars and tracks.

In what could be considered a kind of leak, a flywheel for Gran Turismo 7 It was found in a store in Japan. Twitter user bookkyamp shared photos of this brochure online and a translation revealed some new details about the racing game. What is perhaps the most exciting new detail is that Gran Turismo 7 will feature more than 420 car models. For the sake of comparison, Gran Turismo Sport It currently has 338 cars, though it launched with less than half that total. Suffice it to say, Gran Turismo 7The car selection will mark a significant improvement.

Players will also be able to edit these cars to suit their sensibilities. Another part of the flyer confirms that Gran Turismo 7 will feature a selection of 130 types of wheels. In addition, there will be 600 different parts available for further customization of the vehicles. The extent of Gran Turismo 7Customization options are yet to be confirmed, but the number of wheels and parts makes it clear that customization will be on strong support.

The steering wheel also reveals how many tracks Gran Turismo 7 will include. In total, players will be able to race through 90 different tracks in Gran Turismo 7. For the sake of comparison, Gran Turismo Sport features at least 73 tracks, although only 40 were available at launch. Most of these, however, are design tweaks. There are only 27 courses, or 17 at launch, and the rest just tweak the design of the race. As such, Gran Turismo 7The actual unique courses will likely turn out to be a fraction of the 90 designs.

Dozens of vehicles have already been confirmed for Gran Turismo 7 via Polyphony Digital marketing and official statements. Manufacturers such as Ferrari, McClaren, Lamborghini, Lexus, Alfa Romeo and many more are becoming partners.

There is still much to reveal Gran Turismo 7. It is regrettable that a Japanese pamphlet provides much of this information even when great tourism Fans are patiently waiting for official confirmation. Still, with Gran Turismo 7 With only a few months to go until the launch, fans will take what they can get.

Gran Turismo 7 launches March 4 on PS4 and PS5.

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