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Goodbye to hackers? Titanfall 2 gets private servers thanks to a mod | Levelup

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Titanfall 2 is, without a doubt, a game with a lot of quality that never lived its moment of glory because it debuted with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Y Battlefield 1, so that little by little it was forgotten. Fortunately, over the years he managed to amass a fairly loyal fan base. However, hackers came to the game in recent months and took over.

As we told you, both the first installment of Titanfall like its sequel they became targets of cheats and DDoS attacks that made gaming nearly impossible. The problem escalated in such a way that even a group of hackers took control of Apex Legends to protest and ask Respawn Entertainment to resolve the situation in the Titans shooters.

Although the developers addressed the conflict and stated that they were already working on a solution, in early December the news came to light that the first installment of Titanfall it will stop selling, although its servers will remain active. Faced with a bleak scenario, fans had to take matters into their own hands and seek solutions on their own to prevent the sequel from suffering a similar fate.

The community wants to save Titanfall 2 with the help of a mod

While it seems impossible to save the first title in the franchise, the community is not willing to lose the sequel. In this way, a few days ago an impressive mod for PC debuted that adds private servers to the game.

The mod in question bears the name Northstar and was the work of user BobTheBob and a group of collaborators. Players who download and install it will be able to host their own custom servers using scripts and game assets. In theory, this significantly reduces the risk of finding cheats in games and falling victim to DDoS attacks.

As explained by the user SaveTitanfall, hackers who want to block the servers will have to track the IP address of the person hosting the server. Since these private rooms are not part of the game’s master server, this is a complex task. In this link You can download the mod and read the instructions for its correct installation.

Unsurprisingly, the PC community welcomed this mod and expressed their enthusiasm. Sadly, it’s impossible for the first Titanfall installment to receive similar treatment.

But tell us, do you still play Titanfall 2? Let us read you in the comments.

Titanfall 2 is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Follow this link to read more news related to him.

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