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Free: They’re giving away an acclaimed AAA game, but you might be disappointed | Levelup

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Christmas is over, but that doesn’t mean the gifts have to stop. In fact, the Epic Game Store continues to give away PC games and today decided it was best to give an acclaimed AAA game to its entire community. Of course, although it is a game that many love, the gift could disappoint several.

What happens is that the Epic Games Store is giving away copies of Control. This is the latest release from Remedy Entertainment, a studio known for its work on the acclaimed Alan Wake. Control is an adventure game that is renowned for being full of mystery and having a compelling plot.

And Control It is a good game and it is available for free, why do we say that some might be disappointed with this gift? What happens is that the Epic Games Store already gave away Control by mid-2021. Thus, those who religiously redeem gifts from this store should already have Control in your collection.

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Now, like other gifts from the Epic Games Store, Control is only free for a limited time. As it is a Christmas gift, its availability will be only 24 hours. So, you have until 10:00 AM Mexico City time on December 25 to add it to your collection.

To obtain Control for free you just have to follow the following steps:

How to getControl for free?

  • Gives click here to go to the page of Control in the Epic Games Store
  • Click the Get Button on the right side of the screen
  • A screen will appear with the purchase information
  • Press Checkout
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You can see Control in action in the trailer below:

The Epic Games Store will give more gifts

In case you have little interest in Control, you should know that tomorrow there will be more gifts. In fact, there are still 5 days of giveaways left on the Epic Games Store.

We remind you that since last December 15, the PC game store has been giving away games to its community every 24 hours. Among the games that the company has already delivered are Prey, Shenmue III, Neon Abyss, Remnant From the Ashes, Loop Hero and many others.

Mind you: the Epic Games Store has yet to reveal the identity of the store’s upcoming gifts. In LEVEL UP we will be on the lookout every day to tell you what are the gifts that Epic Games will offer in its PC game store from the moment they are available.

What did you think of the gifts from the Epic Games Store? Tell us in the comments.

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