Monday, June 27

Final Fantasy VII Remake gives us angelic earrings for Christmas

The Christmas It has already arrived with its usual Christmas carols, sweets, decorations, family gatherings and, of course, gifts for all tastes that we make and are given by our loved ones and even video game companies that allow themselves to be intoxicated by the Christmas spirit.

One of them is Square Enix who has started to celebrate Christmas with a gift for fans of Final Fantasy and, more specifically, with those who are now enjoying on PS4 and PS5 Final Fantasy VII Remake or his Episode Intermission, the new chapter in which Yuffie is the protagonist.

Specifically, for the next few days doing click this link all PlayStation gamers will be able to get the Angelic Earrings, these “earrings in the shape of angelic wings that protect the wearer in body and soul and revitalize him if he is knocked out“, so it is a very useful article to survive the adventures and misadventures of this remake.

The game’s release on PC is proving problematic

While the players of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4 and PS5 enjoy this gift, those who are enjoying the game on pc (which are released in the middle of this month of December) are meeting with few graphic options to personalize the gaming experience on their computers and a release that is being problematic due to the performance on many PCs, so it seems that Square Enix will have to work on several updates to finish polishing the title while preparing, in the future, a possible arrival of the game on Steam.

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