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‘Dos’ on Netflix: Yes, Naked People Sewn Together Have Sex

The configuration of the Spanish thriller Of the On Netflix it feels like the porn version of horror villain Jigsaw. Two strangers, Sara (Marina Gatell) and David (Pablo Derqui), wake up to find themselves naked in bed together, their abdomen sewn together. They are willing like lovers and soon learn that even the slightest movement causes intense pain for both of them. What crazy has done this? A literal schizophrenic (Kandido Uranga) with a very specific obsession with conjoined twins. Did Sara and David end up having sex? Bet!

De Netflix Of the has what might be the weirdest, wildest, most disturbing, and (honestly?) confusing sex scene of 2021. The torture part aside, the sex scene is followed by a shocking twist that throws the fornication of Sarah and David in a new light. . Spoilers for Of the ahead!

Of the is a 70-minute film that asks the question, “Was there an intimacy coordinator on set?” I say that because the actors Marina Gatell and Pablo Derqui literally spend the entire movie naked. For some, they are covered with towels, but they are almost always close enough to hit the gonads. The first two acts of Of the deal with the duo trying to figure out who has sewn them and why. The main suspect appears to be Mario, Sara’s controlling husband. David works as a male escort and seems to remember that a boy hired him to sleep with his wife. Could it be that Mario wants to be cheated on in the scariest way possible? Hence the very tight and effective sewing work your captor has done?

Foto: Netflix

Sara definitely seems to think so. After Sara and David kiss a second time, he realizes that his captor turns off the lights when the two are romantic. Sara takes this as proof that he is an annoying Mario and begins to passionately hug David. The two have sex in the dark for a short period of time before their jailer relents, offering them a way out of his room and answers.

Now before moving on to the next part, I found myself wondering about the logistics of the sex scene in Of the. Not in the manner of an “intimacy coordinator”, but in a “wait, wouldn’t that be difficult within the reality of the story?” road. If the slightest movement caused both Sara and David severe pain, wouldn’t that… you know… hinder sex? Although we see the sex scene in the shade, the choreography seems pretty basic. That is to say, they do not seem to act with caution in the face of the injury they share. Maybe it’s breaking my hair. Perhaps they were both so turned on that they could bear the pain. If the latter is true, the next scene is pretty devastating for Sara, David, you and me.

David and Sara discover that they are actually twins conjoined a long time ago. They were the first (and only) occurrence of a group of male / female conjoined twins and were placed in the foster care system after their birth. His mother, Rita, died and his father was schizophrenic. In fact, it is their father who has kidnapped and sewn them up. (No wonder she freaked out at their nude make-out sessions!)

Dos and Netflix
Foto: Netflix

So Sara and David were conjoined twins separated at birth and now their conjoined twins obsessed father has kidnapped them, murdered Sara’s husband and brought them back together. While the movie doesn’t really delve into the entire angle of the incest at stake, from here on, Sara and David are a team. A team set out to kill their captor / father and escape.

There is a fight between his father with a gun and David and Daddy Demented are injured. David insists Sara that she has to break free and seek help. In the end, they finally manage to tear themselves apart, but both David and Sara are doomed. Everybody dies! And Sara bleeds to death in the snow, through which she travels completely naked, thank you. The final message of the movie seems to be… are Siamese twins cool? I really do not know!

Of the It’s a really weird movie full of blood, nudity, dark humor, and mystery, but that sex scene will haunt me forever. It’s a strange scene because I suppose it could have been funny and kinky, like the idea of ​​two people succumbing to desire in a situation of intense torture has some inherent eroticism, but the incest and bloody ending undo all the fun about it.

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