Sunday, June 26

Crytivo joins the Force of Nature II: Ghost Keeper team • Console and Dashboard

Force of Nature II: Ghost Keeper adds a luxury partner: Crytivo. The collaboration of the company, together with AYstd (game developers), is a new impetus for this proposal, available on PC.


Adventures full of mystery, magic and dangers. Is what it proposes Force of Nature II: Ghost Keeper, a title that draws on the essence of survival, dungeon exploration, role playing, strategy and resource management.

This union between action, adventure and ‘sandbox’ proposes us to be part of a mysterious world generated randomly, with its creatures. As we obtain resources, we will prepare food, build houses, grow plants, and create hybrids. They are not the only tasks.

The care of animals and the creation of weapons and clothing, which allow battles against enemies and final bosses, are of vital importance. We will enter the world of magic, solving the mysteries of the Force of Nature stone and restoring the balance of power. Ultimately, we will do our best to return to what was once our home.

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