Friday, September 30

Control available for free for PC on the Epic Games Store

A from ms Epic have a gift for us in the Epic Games Store offering us today (as usual on these dates) a new free game that can be redeemed until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow and kept forever in our library.

In this case the game is, as indicated by the clues that were given to us yesterday, Control, the last work of Remedy that usually costs 31.99 and that until tomorrow we will be able to acquire totally free and enjoy one of the titles that make the best use of the ray tracing and PC.

In our Control analysis we tell you that we are before “a very elaborate story and some fun shootouts, which this time is framed in a less linear structure and where exploration takes on a major role, something that brings a touch of freshness compared to their previous games. It is extremely entertaining, and there are few better things we can say about a game. If you like action adventures and the titles of this study, you are sure to enjoy it like we do.“.

10 euro coupon when claiming the game

In addition to giving us Control, those who have redeemed this or another free game during the Christmas offers will have as I give an Epic Coupon of 10 euros of additional discount that you can use in any game you want to buy during the Christmas sales as long as the price of the title exceeds 14.99 euros.

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