Monday, December 5

Windows 10 update fixes biggest copy paste problem

In an upcoming Windows 10 update, Microsoft will add a ton of functionality to the clipboard, making it much easier to copy and paste when bringing in content from the Internet and documents.

This is according to Latest Windows, which reports that these functions will be found when opening the Clipboard History window (Win + V). The biggest advantage of this new update is probably the Paste as Text button, which will allow you to paste plain text that you have taken from a website or PDF or something else.

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This is huge because of the problems you may encounter if you keep that format. Many times, pasting text from a web page into a document can result in a block of words that doesn’t look good at all, either misaligned or in the wrong font or color.

Without this feature, you may have to do everything you can to extract plain text from a website. For example, we have used empty .TXT documents in Notepad, which we keep open perpetually, pasting text to clean it up, as if we were doing laundry for text.

(Image credit: Windows Latest / Microsoft)

The Clipboard History window will also add panels for GIFs and emoji, for ease of use in supported applications.

These new features are a welcome addition to the Clipboard History window, which is not as well known as the traditional copy (Ctrl + C) and paste (Ctrl + V) commands. The update is also expected to improve the functionality of Cloud Clipboard in general, allowing PC users to easily share their copied items from mobile devices on their Windows 10 machines. Macs have something similar, with Universal Clipboard, where Nearby devices using the same Apple ID can automatically paste copied items to others.

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As for when this feature arrives, Windows Latest mentions the Windows 10 update known as version 21H2. Sometime in the fall of this year, this is an update known as Sun Valley, which is expected to give Windows 10 a rejuvenation of its appearance.

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