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Why was the release date of Dark Souls Nightfall delayed

Dark Souls: Nightfall was scheduled to release this month, but now the direct fan-man sequel to the first Dark Souls game has been delayed.

Many fans of the Dark souls The series has been eagerly awaiting the fan-made sequel. To become nightHowever, the release of the mod has been delayed. To become night was created by Scott “Grimrukh” Mooney, a software developer who creates mods and mod tools for Dark souls in his free time. Mooney began to create To become night In 2019 and 2020 we put together a team to create the mod. Mooney and the team released a mod reveal video for To become night in February 2021, showing off some of the mod’s new mechanics, such as a day and night cycle.

To become night will be a direct sequel to 2011’s Dark souls which was developed by FromSoftware and will be created using the game engine and most of its current assets. The second entry in the series, Dark Souls 2, It’s a true sequel to the first game, but it’s set so far into the future of the world that some fans don’t consider it a sequel to the original’s story. To become nightHowever, it will be a direct sequel and will feature new and old enemies, as well as new side quests and NPCs.

To become night’The original release date was December 21, 2021, but it has now been postponed. The new release date of To become night is now January 21, 2022, which was the original release date of Elden Ring. Mooney explains that the decision to delay the release of the mod by a month is due in part to Elden Ring delayed, but also because the development team wants to add more content to To become night and needing extra time. Barring any other change in release dates, fans of director Hidetaka Miyazaki’s games will still have a month to play. To become night before Elden Ring spear.

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Elden Ring Delay delays Nightfall release date

Plus Dark souls Fans are likely not too upset about the delays for these two games, as long waits between announcements and releases are common things in the series. Elden Ring It was first announced at E3 in 2019 and finally got a trailer and release date two years later. Elden Ring the release date now will be almost six years later Dark Souls 3 launch, and three years since Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s break free. To become night was meant to help fill the void for a short time before FromSoftware’s latest title was finally available for fans to play, but they will once again have to wait.

Dark Souls: Nightfall released a new mod release date update trailer on his YouTube channel, also confirming in a comment that To become night will only work on the Dark Souls Remastered version and not the Prepare to Die edition of the game. The Prepare to Die edition was released in 2012 and contained additional PvP and PvE content, while the Dark Souls Remastered The game launched in 2018 with improved graphics and performance, as well as the Prepare to Die edition content and the Artorias of the Abyss DLC.

Delays in Elden Ring Y Dark Souls: Nightfall They are disappointing, but hopefully it will be worth the wait. The night falls The delay means that fans will not have an additional month between now and Elden Ring, but the overtime should result in the mod having more quality and quantity for players to enjoy in the month before the new game is finally released. After so long since a new SoulsBorne game came out, fans are excited that two things are being released at once. Elden Ring won the Most Anticipated Game for the second year in a row at The Game Awards 2021, and Dark Souls: Nightfall‘s launching a month early will close that gap perfectly.

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