Saturday, December 3

The Company Man prepares to make the leap to Switch • Console and Dashboard

The Company Man It will arrive on Nintendo Switch in early 2022. This is what Forust and Leoful, responsible for the game, reveal. It will be at the end of that same year when it is released on other consoles. For now, it is available on PC.


This proposal is presented as a union between action and platforms, inspired by the television series The Office. Our protagonist is Jim, a young worker from Good Water Company.

You are not satisfied with the practices of the company. Rather than sit idly by, he sets out to become the new CEO, even if that means stepping on his boss. We will launch email attacks against our colleagues, as we jump through the marketing and human resources departments.

Powered by coffee beans, we won’t hesitate to destroy anyone who stands in the way to the top. We will move through a world of varied environments, painted by hand, choosing a level of difficulty. The announcement of its version for Switch is accompanied by a new trailer.

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