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Nostalgia! Young man receives a copy of Max Payne for Christmas and this is how he reacted | Levelup

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Christmas is already around the corner and it is simply impossible not to get nostalgic. Without a doubt, receiving that dream game as a holiday gift is one of the most beautiful moments any gamer can experience in their entire life, and it is a memory that will last forever.

A few days ago, a YouTube video went viral because it perfectly encapsulates that feeling of joy and ecstasy that only a gift as special as a video game can bestow. And yes, the images that you will see below act as a time machine that immediately transports us to a time when everything was simpler.

This was this teenager’s charming reaction to receiving Max Payne for Christmas

Specifically, the user My Retro Life uploaded a clip of just over a minute where we can see him receive a copy of the first installment of Max Payne for the original Xbox when I was just a teenager. The footage in question was recorded on that distant December 25, 2001, 20 years ago.

“On Christmas morning 2001, my aunt and uncle gave me Max Payne for the Original Xbox. My dad captured the reaction on video! It became one of my favorite Xbox videogames of that year, “commented the player in the description.

Naturally, hundreds of people took advantage of the comment section to recall their own experiences. There were those who fondly remembered the Remedy Entertainment masterpiece and claimed that it immediately became one of their favorite video games, while other users simply thanked My Retro Life for uploading the video.

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In case you missed it: Max Payne turns 20 and so celebrates Remedy Entertainment!

But tell us, what do you think of the reaction of this young man? We’d love to read your experiences in the comment box below.

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