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It is not a joke! Executive: gamers can secure their retirement with NFT and video games | Levelup

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NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Metaverse, everything is happening in a dizzying way and these new forms of interaction with the digital world that involve money have become a trend worldwide. However, most of the narrative and discourse has to do with supposed economic benefits and business possibilities but from the perspective of companies, investors and promoters, leaving the user in the background. Perhaps this is the future or a simple siren song that it would be good to avoid because there are already those who think of this as a way to ensure a retirement in old age.

Earn your pension by playing video games and selling and buying NFTs

We live in a time when pension and retirement programs for old age have no greater certainty than that which one can give oneself according to the financial possibilities with which one has, unfortunately the labor rights and benefits, won with workers’ struggles, are they have been losing with the passage of time. What does this have to do with video games? Well, a manager of CCP Games, the company responsible for the MMO EVE Online stated that NFTs and their integration into video games could allow the players themselves to form a retirement plan with the resources generated through this type of operation.

During an interview with The Korea Economic Daily (via Wccftech), Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP Games, spoke about what he sees as a great future option for the use of NFT in video games. In that sense, the manager pointed out that an online gaming ecosystem of this type can even help to secure a pension: “the players hope that the values ​​created from online games can also be used in reality. The content online gaming must have practical real-world values. The gaming industry must evolve to allow players to plan for retirement using the money they earn from games. “

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The hype for NFTs does not end up convincing anyone, even if they show it as the future it will be

Subsequently, the director of CCP Games expressed himself in favor of an economy based on Blockchain as it would have greater benefits for users to the extent that, according to his vision, they could feed their family with the money they generate playing and doing operations with NFT: “I think that a blockchain-based economy is a more valuable economy than one implemented in a proprietary database, and it also opens up the idea that people can actually own their assets. Possessing, indisputably, an item in a blockchain – this has never been done before. Never before has it been possible to attribute ownership so strongly, not even with physical ownership. I can imagine a world a few decades from now where no one would want to work in an economy game to accumulate game assets that do not really belong to you. In a way, you are playing a game not only for your own enjoyment and to escape from reality, but also for your own enjoyment. You’re feeding your family because the assets of the virtual world are no different than in today’s economy. “

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