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How to find friends’ birthdays on Facebook (iPhone, Android and computer)

Don’t you remember when is a friend’s birthday? Maybe even for a relative’s birthday? Thanks to Facebook, finding them only takes a few seconds.

There are many things that people use Facebook for, but one of the best (and most useful) features is being able to quickly find a friend’s birthday. Social media apps are Everywhere now. Do you want to see short messages from people and keep up to date on trends? This is Twitter. Are you eager to see short form videos of the rising stars of the internet? There is TikTok. Trying to see the latest photo and video posts from your friends? Instagram has you covered.

Among all those sites, Facebook still ranks high as the largest social network by far. It’s been around for nearly two decades, has roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users, and regularly adds new features to keep people interested. A few years ago, Facebook was little more than a place to share status updates, message friends, and post photos. Today, you have everything from a built-in dating service to a job search tool.

Despite all those bells and whistles, one of your most useful tools is still one of the oldest: being able to see your friends’ birthdays. Not sure when is the birthday of your work colleague, college friend, or aunt? If they’re on Facebook, finding their birthday only takes a couple of seconds. From facebook desktop website, click the drop-down arrow on the left side of the screen titled “See More.” Scroll down that list, click on ‘Events’ and click on ‘Birthdays’. This reveals a list of friends’ birthdays happening today, recent birthdays that just happened, and upcoming birthdays. Alternatively, users can search for specific Facebook users and find their birthdays that way. Click on the search bar at the top left of the screen, search for a friend / family member and click on their profile. From your profile page, click on ‘About’, click on ‘Contact and Basic Information’, and your birthday is displayed right there.

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How to find friends’ birthdays on iPhone and Android

This is how friends’ birthdays are found on the Facebook desktop site, but what about the mobile app for smartphones? While the steps are different, it is just as easy to do. Open the Facebook app, tap on the search button at the top right of the screen, type ‘birthday’ and tap on the ‘Birthday’ option with a cake icon next to it. Similar to the Facebook desktop site, this shows today’s birthdays, recent birthdays, and friends’ upcoming birthdays. This works exactly the same whether someone is using an Android phone or an iPhone.

There is one last thing you need to know: how to manage friend birthday notifications. Once again, from the Facebook app, tap on the ‘More’ icon in the bottom navigation bar. Scroll down the page, tap ‘Settings & Privacy’, tap ‘Settings,’ tap ‘Notifications’ in the Preferences section and tap ‘Birthdays’. Here, Facebook allows users to enable / disable notifications for upcoming birthdays and late birthdays. Users can also choose to receive these notifications in the Facebook application, by email and / or as an SMS text message. Keep these tips in mind and you will surely never miss a birthday again.


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