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How to add someone to the Cash app

Isn’t life more convenient now that you can pay your bills using a mobile app? No endless lines, no hassle, you can do everything from the comfort of your home. In today’s world, apps like Cash App have taken mobile banking to a new level. Not only can you pay your bills, but you can also buy and sell Bitcoin, invest your money, and send it to friends or family using the Cash app. Do you want to know how? This article explains how to add someone to your Cash App account and how to send them money.

How to add people in the Cash app

The Cash app is a fast way to send money to people. It is free and also safe, since you can protect all your payments with a password. Also, you can freeze your CashCard in case of loss or theft. Plus, you can add an extra layer of security by approving payments with your fingerprint ID.

Adding friends and family to the application is not complicated at all. The only condition is that they have an active cash app account because only app users can exchange money. You must be at least 18 years old to create accounts and send and receive money with this app.

Fortunately, you don’t need more than a few minutes to create an account. If you have an account at a smaller bank, you may need to wait a while for approval. But most major banks usually provide immediate approval. As soon as it is approved, you can start sending money to your friends and family.

The following steps explain how to add people to the Cash application. The process is the same for iOS and Android devices.

  1. Launch the Cash app on your phone. In the upper right corner of the screen, select the “profile” icon to open the account menu.
  2. From the account page, touch “Invite friends, get $ 15” to invite people.
  3. In the new window, you can select contacts from your phone’s contact list or type the email or phone number of the recipient you want to invite to the application. If some of your contacts are already using the app, you will see a green sign that says “Use the Cash app”.
  4. After selecting all people (if you allowed contacts in the app) or an email or phone number of the recipient you would like to invite to the Cash app, tap “Send invitation.”
  5. The recipient receives an SMS message (if he used contacts) or an email (if he entered an email), inviting him to use the Cash application.
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If the recipient uses the included code while signing up, each of you will receive a $ 15 bonus and they will receive $ 5. Please note that you can edit the text before submitting.

Note: You can only claim the $ 15 reward in the Cash app if:

  1. Your contact uses your code to join the application.
  2. They link a debit card to your account.
  3. They send at least $ 5 to a contact within two weeks.
cash app add someone

How to send money to your contacts

Now that you’ve added people to the Cash app, you’re probably wondering how you can send money to them. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Launch the Cash app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the “New” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Write the amount of money you want to send. Remember that you cannot send more than $ 250 in a week or more than $ 1000 in a month.
  4. Please select “Pay.”
  5. Add the contact information (email address and phone number) of the recipient. You can also add $ Cashtag from your contact, which is your Cash app username.
  6. Enter the purpose of the payment.
  7. Tap on “Pay” to complete the transaction.

Money is usually transferred instantly, which is a great thing, but it does have a downside. It is not possible to cancel a payment, so make sure you have entered all the information accurately. If you send money to the wrong person, you probably won’t get your money back. This scenario is why it is crucial to double check everything before hitting the Final Pay button.

cash app how to add someone - activity

All your transactions are saved within the application. You can always check your sent and received payments by doing the following:

  1. Open the application on your smartphone.
  2. From the home screen, select the “Activity” tab.
  3. Select any payment to view the transaction details.
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Adding people in this app takes no more than a minute and can earn you or your recipient some extra cash. The process is quite simple and the transactions are very fast.

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