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How many NPCs are there in Terraria?

Terraria is a sandbox-type game that is based on the exploration of the open world. As you go into the world, you discover more and more NPCs. NPCs are friendly non-player characters and in Terraria they can perform services for you ranging from providing you with ammunition and explosives to bringing your character to full health.

In this article, we are going to talk about how many NPCs you can find in Terraria, on various platforms. We will also give you answers to some common questions about the game.

How many NPCs are there in Terraria?

There are a total of 32 NPCs in Terraria, although some devices may have fewer NPCs. Before we move on to a comprehensive list of all the NPCs available in the game, let’s talk about Pre-Hard and Hard modes.

Pre-hard mode

This is the initial state of the world that the player falls into. By its name, you can see that this is the “easy” version of the game world. In other words, this is a mode that has elements and enemies suitable for new characters. Pre-hard mode, however, is not a difficulty setting. It’s kind of an intro to the game that begins when the player enters the game and ends when the Wall of Flesh boss is defeated.

Pre-Hardmode features a large number of NPCs that recur in Hardmode after Wall of Flesh. Here’s a list of pre-hard NPCs in Terraria.

  • Guide: the first NPC you meet, provides advice and information
  • Trader – Basic Tools and Supplies
  • Nurse – Healing and weakening coins
  • Demolitionist – Explosives
  • Dye Merchant – Provides rare dyes
  • Fisherman – Fishing Missions
  • Zoologist: Bug Articles
  • Dryad: Corruption, Crimson, and Nature Items
  • Painter: paintings, pictures, painting tools
  • Golfer – Golf Equipment
  • Arms dealer: various types of ammunition
  • Tavern – Defender Items and Medals
  • Stylist – Hairstyles and hair dyes
  • Goblin Tinkerer – Reforge and Related Items
  • Witch Doctor: Summoner Gear, Fountain, Imbue Station, Blowgun
  • Clothier – Toiletries
  • Mechanical – Various elements of the mechanism.
  • Party Girl – Sundries with visual effects
  • Roaming Merchant – Random Unique Items
  • Old Man – Take on the role of Clothier after defeating Skeletron.
  • Skeleton Merchant – Various items such as caver glow rods, counterweights, magic lanterns, slap, etc.
  • Town Cat – Pet cat
  • Town Dog – Pet Dog
  • Town Bunny – Pet Bunny
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Hard mode

After encountering Wall of Flesh, your game automatically and irreversibly switches to hard mode. There is no reason to postpone this change as all NPCs available in pre-hard will also be available in hard mode. To activate hard mode, go to The Underworld and kill the Voodoo Demon. Take the voodoo doll dropped by the voodoo demon and throw it into the lava. The Wall of Flesh boss will appear. Defeat him and the game will progress immediately.

In addition to the NPCs mentioned above, a list of additional ones will be activated.

How many NPCs are there in Terraria 1.4?

Depending on the platform you are playing on, the number of available NPCs may vary (more on this later). Terraria version 1.4 added several NPCs, including the Zoologist (for desktop and mobile versions). So depending on the device you are using, the number of NPCs varies. PC version 1.4 includes all the NPCs mentioned above.

How many NPCs in Terraria

How many NPCs are there in Terraria on PS4?

There are three NPCs in the PS4 version of Terraria that are not present. These are the NPC zoologists, golfers and princesses. As of now, you won’t be able to access any of them through the PS4. There are a total of 29 NPCs in Terraria for PS4.

How many NPCs are there in Terraria on Xbox One?

The Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game are pretty much the same across the board. This also applies to NPCs. Therefore, you can expect to find a maximum of 29 NPCs in Terraria using Xbox One (the same as on the PS4).

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How many NPCs are there in Terraria on old gen consoles?

Xbox 360 and PS3 users can still play Terraria. However, some NPCs are missing. A total of five NPCs are not available in the older generation console versions of the game. These include the zoologist, golfer, innkeeper, tax collector, and princess NPC.

How many NPCs are there in Terraria on PC?

All the characters in the list above are present in the PC version of the game. Note that Terraria was conceptualized as a PC game.

How many NPCs are there in Terraria on iOS and Android?

Whether you are using an Android / iOS phone or tablet, your version of Android / iOS is most likely compatible with Terraria. However, there is an NPC that is missing from the mobile / tablet versions of the game. This is the Princess character, which is only available to PC users.

How many NPCs are there in Terraria Calamity?

Terraria Calamity is a mod that brings a ton of additional content to Terraria. This includes hours of end-game content, various additional bosses and enemies, new structures, biomes, a new leveling mechanic, a new class, more songs, more than fifty recipes, and of course additional NPCs.

NPC in Terraria

The Calamity mod adds four new NPCs:

  • Sea King – Water Theme Team
  • Bandit – Rogue Team
  • Drunk Princess: Alcoholic Potions and Some Candles for Unique Benefits
  • Archmage: Ice-themed gear and weapons

The Calamity mod for Terraria is unfortunately currently not available on all devices other than the PC. So with the Calamity mod, the Terraria desktop version gets a total of 36 NPCs.

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Additional FAQs

1. What are the requirements for an NPC house in Terraria?

In order to appear, the NPCs in the city need an assigned house. Each NPC house requires a light source, a flat surface item, and a comfort item.

2. How to get NPC in hard mode in Terraria?

To gain access to Hard Mode NPCs in Terraria, you must pass the Wall of Flesh mission, thus unlocking the rest of the game progress.

3. How many NPCs are there in Calamity?

There are a total of 36 NPCs in the Terraria Calamity mod.

4. Why don’t NPCs appear in Terraria?

If you have built a house for an NPC correctly, the NPCs may not be spawning due to too much corruption in the vicinity of the house. Alternatively, an NPC will not appear when there is a goblin invasion on your world.

5. What is the rarest pet in Terraria?

The puppy is the rarest pet available in Terraria. It only falls during the Christmas season. There is a 1/417 chance that The Puppy pet will fall from a gift. Gifts are a 1/13 drop from enemies.

6. How many NPCs can you house in Terraria?

All “city NPCs” can be housed in the game. The NPCs in the city include all NPCs before Hard and Hard, except the Traveling Merchant, the Old Man, and the Skeleton Merchant.

7. How many NPCs can you have at the same time?

As long as you are of the city NPC type, you can have as many NPCs as you want to move to your city.

NPC de Terraria

We hope we’ve shed some light on the NPC concept for this game. If you have any questions about Terraria, feel free to visit the comment section below.

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