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Fans Think Rockstar Will Reveal Bully 2 Soon, But Don’t Get Excited | Levelup

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Bully 2 It is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated projects by Rockstar fans. Over the years we have had rumors and theories about the supposed development of the sequel; however, the study has not given enough clues to confirm that it is indeed on the way.

This year was no exception, as an insider assured that the company wanted to reveal the desired sequel at The Game Awards 2021, which did not happen. Now, the community is more and more convinced that it is already preparing the presentation of the project.

The reason? A small adjustment that the company made on its official website and that fueled the rumors. This raised the hype of gamers, who are waiting to hear from Bully 2 early. However, everything indicates that it is a false alarm.

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Track turn on the hype by Bully 2, but don’t get excited

There are a number of reports that claim that Rockstar worked at some point in Bully 2, but that the project was abandoned. However, various sources assure that the project is alive and that it will be announced sooner or later.

Rockstar excited fans of the saga, as it recently modified its logo on its official site, which now sports the classic logo that the company had back in 2005. The players got down to work and investigated this curious movement.

Some of them concluded that it is the same logo that Rockstar used in an E3 where Bully had presence. On the other hand, they recalled that the studio released a trailer for the game on Christmas 2006.

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All of this made them immediately think of recent reports of a near-imminent reveal of the sequel, so hype from some fans is through the roof. Other players are more reserved and believe that it is nothing special. There are even those who think that Rockstar will announce a new and improved version of the first installment before a sequel.

Unfortunately, everything indicates that there is nothing in the plans for now, as various sources, including Bully 2 Source, recognized that the logo change was made a long time ago, so it would not mean anything.

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