Friday, December 9

Dustin Poirier Heats Up UFC 2022: “Merry Christmas To Everyone But McGregor …”

Nor is it a novelty to discover that the different stars of the UFC they like microphones. Be those who are after each fight or those of the social networks themselves. The challenges, the pending accounts … There are different demands that appear on the scene, and this time it was up to Dustin Poirier and a different Christmas card.

Through their social networks, ‘The Diamond‘has heated up the new season of the leading mixed martial arts company. “Merry Christmas everyone! …. Except for Nathaniel (Daz)), Conor (McGregor) y Colby (Covington) I hope you all have a great day, “he pointed out. In other words, Pear tree He kicks off 2022 by pointing to four rival stars.

And it is that after his defeat before Charles Oliveira, Dustin Poirier has to find his new great fight. In the pools has appeared Nate Daz, Although the wrestler of Mexican origin discarded it, because “Poirier is a loser.” Therefore, the ‘Diamante‘may be hurt.

With Conor McGregor it is their eternal dispute. The great doubt of the fourth clash between the two “intimate” enemies may be a reality, although the state of health of the dublins is unknown. With each defeat of Pear tree the same ghosts return, because since I beat him with the fracture of Mcgregor there have been voices that de-legitimize his triumph.

The same happens with Colby Covington. They belong to different divisions, but their enmity has grown over time. The one of California He has always been clear about it and has never hidden that he crushed Pear tree. Now have you challenged him? It is not known yet and it may be part of the usual talk of fighters, although ‘The Diamond’ must and has to be in all pools for the best billboards of the UFC in 2022.

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