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Arcane Season 2 Needs To Have A Gay Love Scene

I couldn’t put bad words in the headline, but you get the point.

Arcane is very cheerful. I made it clear multiple times, whether I’m referring to how the show managed to exceed all of my queer expectations or how it helped create a fandom that seems to be all-encompassing about its unexpected approach to great lesbians in animation. He pushed boundaries that no one knew existed, and that’s wonderful.

While Arcane’s second season might not be here for a couple of years, its community shows no signs of slowing down, and that’s a testament to all that it managed to accomplish, turning League of Legends from an impenetrable MOBA into a universe that begs. plus. expansion. I will never touch the game, but that is not necessary to appreciate all that Caitlyn and Vi’s gay adventure achieves.

Speaking of which, they need to fuck in season two. Now listen to me, I’m not talking about an explicit statement of Sapphic worship designed purely to arouse, but about a moment of justified intimacy between two women who are clearly in love with each other. The first season is all about smoldering, focusing on Vi and Caitlyn as they bond over circumstances beyond their control. Vi is a young butch with a troubled childhood who spent her early adulthood locked up in jail, while Caitlyn comes from a privileged family with substantial political and economic power. You know, oil and water.

However, it’s these differences that make their chemistry so irresistible, as Vi isn’t afraid to poke fun at the taller woman by calling her “Cupcake” and poking fun at her tense ways. Caitlyn does her best, but all these jokes and comments are surrounded by an affectionate cloak of stolen glances and flirtatious moments. so obvious that you’re pulling your hair out waiting for one of them to make a move. I almost went wild during the final act when the two of them are pouring out their hearts in the rain, I saw making it clear that they are not suitable for each other as she runs a hand down Caitlyn’s cheek before turning around, putting on her hood. and walk away at night. That’s SO FUCKED GAY OH MY GOD, HOW WE GO. Caitlyn then comes home to be sad in the shower for a few hours, which is a very normal and straightforward thing to do when a girl leaves you behind in the most dramatic way possible.

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When the two meet again thanks to Jinx’s homicidal impulses, the spectacular animation is able to show the finest emotional details scattered across their faces. Expressions of panic and love etched into their features when it becomes clear that perhaps they will not make it out of this place alive. We have never seen a queer relationship in the middle approached with such raw maturity, emotions displayed through words, actions and expressions that leave absolutely no other interpretation to be made. These two are truly the best from Piltover.

Some have argued that the lack of a kiss in the first season coupled with a concrete admission of love means that Riot is holding back so the show can appeal to a wider international audience, and that’s a justified fear that I haven’t stopped from. side given to League of Legend. popularity in such countries. But I have faith that Netflix will allow the show to express itself in the most uncompromising way possible, and the first three acts are representative of that vision. However, much of the show remains heteronormative in its execution, despite the fact that so many steps have been taken to move this universe away from the male gaze to which it has surrendered for so long. It’s no longer about attracting straight men.

Vi and Caitlyn feel like characters designed with realism in mind. Their bodies are clear objects of desire in the right context, but their body language, dialogue, and motivations are framed in a way that is undeniably strange, and there is something wonderfully refreshing about that. Yet we still have a mandatory straight sex scene that, while tasteful, feels out of place in the larger narrative. The show is mature enough in its storytelling to justify the nudity and sex, and a part of me thinks it should, but Jayce and Mel weren’t the right duo to lay (sorry) the foundation. However, with Vi and Caitlyn, such a scene between the two of them would not only be justified by the correct execution, but could make a historic statement.

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Queer animation is becoming more and more pronounced in recent years, but many of these examples come from shows aimed at younger viewers such as Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, The Owl House, Steven Universe, and She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: cartoons that show young people that it is okay to be queer and never be afraid to explore your own identity. It’s a powerful message and one that will continue to spread around the world, even if some countries love to label Lumity as really good friends who want to travel together. Come on, these witches are good for them, so stop denying it and let them be happy.

The arcane is having the same impact for a larger audience, one that is filled with queer people who are already proud or who are testing the waters with a reasonable sense of anxiety. I’m a mix of the two, which is why I’m losing my marbles to Vi and Caitlyn on a daily basis even though the show aired over a month ago. I live for lesbians. A sex scene between the two women, especially one that feels like a natural milestone in their relationship, would be enormous for the medium, giving those scenes an element of media normality that is still too often considered taboo. Gay sex exists in so many wonderful forms, and Arcane, showing that Vi and Caitlyn’s passion for each other can extend to that in a way that feels real, warm, and passionate, it would mean a lot not just to the carriers that are they feed on fanfics and fanart, but all of them.

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Sex is not always the climax of a relationship, especially queer ones, where doubt and euphoric discovery are a fundamental part of our existence. Vi and Caitlyn might fall into bed together after the heat of battle, finding relief in each other’s arms as the outside world passed by. Your romantic feelings may not be fully grounded yet, but lovemaking doesn’t have to be in a linear fashion, especially when two fiery personalities are involved. Arcane has done very well by not sticking to established conventions at all times, and following the same behavior with Vi and Caitlyn’s growing relationship would be absolutely the right move. Growing up, I spent years defining my own subtext in acting, but now there are so many examples of concrete LGBTQ + characters and themes that I want to see them go even further. I’m not pushing an agenda, I just want the media I love to reflect the real world in ways that it still doesn’t, and who would have thought Arcane would be leading the way? Give me gay sex or give me death.

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