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Arcade Venue That Inspired Stage At TLOU: Part II Closes Its Doors | Levelup

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Arcade venues are saying goodbye in different parts of the world, marking the end of an era in video games that can still be experienced although it becomes more and more complicated. Sadly, this will happen with an Arcade venue that became famous for being the inspiration for a set of The Last of Us: Part II.

The end of an era that was captured in The Last of Us: Part II

According to information from The Gamer, the chain of entertainment centers with Arcade rooms, Gameworks, closed operations in the United States and yesterday, December 23, all its branches closed their doors. This fact became relevant not only in the arcade enthusiast scene, but in many video game fans and especially those who live in Seattle, Washington, as the Gameworks branch, known for years, was the inspiration for Naughty Dog to make a local Arcade Abandoned in the game.

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Arcade locals say goodbye in different parts of the world

After the closure of this branch was known, the inhabitants of Seattle who knew it for years lamented the end of an era, considering that the city is losing spaces of interest and this was one of them. Although the reason why Gameworks closed its operations has not been revealed, the impact of the pandemic that struck a lethal blow for these types of establishments cannot be ignored and although there were signs of a return to normality, the rebound in infections With the Omicron variant of Covid-19, it has marked the fate of these places.

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Arcade’s Abandoned Venue in The Last of Us: Part II

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