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You’re going to want to get all these Pokémon chocolates

If you are a fan of Pokmon your mouth has probably made you water. And if you are not, surely too. These chocolate boxes inspired by the world’s most popular pocket monsters can now be found in stores in Japan. We found four different boxes, dedicated to the Water, Fire, Grass and Electric Pokémon and the initials of the Kanto region. The sweets arrive from the hand of a store called Mary’s Chocolatier, where they will be available from today.

Pokémon chocolates that make everyone want to eat them

The product information comes to us from the hand of the specialized medium SoraNews24: the best offer is the Yokubari box, which includes 12 different chocolates whose designs are based on the evolutions of Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle and Pikachu, along with extra treats that represent their type. It can be obtained for 2160 yen (about 16 euros to change) and they are included in a decorative box that offers the pixel art of each of the Pokémon protagonists.

On the other hand, we can buy each box separately, which includes three chocolates, and has a price of approximately 6 euros. But as a good Pokémon Master would do: if you want to get everyone, the Yokubari box is the most profitable. It seems that these chocolates were scheduled to be on sale on Valentine’s Day 2022, but will finally be available for purchase a little earlier: from this same December 24 they can be obtained in Mary’s online store, and in department stores from January.

The chocolates will be available from today at Mary’s store in Japan.

Mary’s Chocolatier, which is based in Tokyo’s Ota district, notes on its website that at the moment only shipments are made to Japan. However, if these chocolates are popular enough we may see them in a wider market. Meanwhile, we can enjoy the adventures that await us in Pokémon Shining Diamond / Shining Pearl, now available on Nintendo Switch; or in Leyendas Pokmon Arceus, to arrive at the hybrid platform this same January 28 offering us an open world.

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