Saturday, November 26

Yoko Taro ends the NieR saga unless someone gives her ‘a lot of money’

There will be more games in the saga Deny? That is the question that everyone who has ever played NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 … The NieR: Automata has ever been done. They are peculiar games, but they catch with deep and original stories, as well as their dynamic combat system; however it seems that Yoko Taro, its creator, does not want to continue exploring this unique universe and ends the series.

At least he has said so in a vdeo in which those responsible for the saga have congratulated their fans on Christmas. Yosuke Saito, producer of NieR, asked Yoko Taro if he has any thoughts he wants to do with the franchise in the future: “Something he wants to do in the future, huh? No, nothing! That’s it, we announce it here and now, friends, the series Deny It is finished“, he said effusively in the video that you can see inserted under these lines.

If there is money, there will be Deny

Given Taro’s quirkiness, it’s hard to tell when he’s joking or not. In fact, Saito himself makes it clear that he could regret it and go back to work on the franchise: “I guess, you never know …”, Taro begins by saying before revealing the logical condition that will make him re-create a game of Deny: “I’d do more if I get a lot of money. A crazy amount of money will be worth, “he ends jokingly while his companions laugh.

The truth is that the last game in the saga, NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 …, had given us hope of seeing more deliveries in the future; not only because at the level of criticism it was well received, as we already told you in our analysis, but also because the sales figures of the franchise speak that in June it reached the million copies sold, while NieR: Automata it has already exceeded six million.

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