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What is the role of Christina Ricci in â ???? The Matrix Resurrectionsâ ?????

Warning: this article contains minor The Matrix resurrections spoilers. Read it at your own risk.

The Matrix resurrections bring all your old favorites back to the Matrix, including Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jada Pinkett Smith and… wait a minute, is this Christina Ricci? How did she get here?

It’s true, Christina Ricci, the Emmy-winning actress and former teen star known for La familia Addams, Casper, and more recently, Yellow jacketsto ???? It is in the bedroom Headquarters film. Not a very big role, blink and you’ll miss her, and she’s just one of several dozen new characters that Headquarters will be presented to the fans.

However, for children of the 90s, which, after all, is MatrixMain Audience: It’s fun to see the edgy former teen star in this iconic cyberpunk universe. Before we get into this, here is some background on the Matrix 4 Plot: Neo is back in the Matrix, living a simulated life as Thomas Anderson, a world-famous video game designer. Your most popular game to date? A trilogy called Matrix. And, twenty years later, Thomas’s boss asked him to play the fourth game in the Headquarters trilogy. Enter the Meta-Matrix.

Who does Christina Ricci play in? The Matrix resurrections?

Ricci appears at the beginning of the film, as a character named Gwyn de Vere. Gwyn is CEO of the games company Thomas works for. (That game company is, ironically, canonically owned by Warner Bros.) After being told that he must make Matrix 4 or else it would be severed from his contract, Thomas and his creative team met with Gwyn.

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“First of all, I know I speak for everyone when I say that I am so, so excited to work on a game that was so, well, it changed the rules of the game,” Gwyn tells the group. He then hands them a packet of focus group research on the Headquarters Mark.

“Inside, you’ll find a breakdown, including keyword associations,” he says cheerfully. “The first two are ‘originality’ and ‘freshness’, which I think are great things to keep in mind when starting to work on Matrix 4! And who knows how many more?

Photo: Warner Bros

Thomas seems to be the only person in the meeting who hears how ridiculous Gwyn sounds saying that. Even without the scream of Warner Bros., the studio behind Matrix Movies: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that director Lana Wachowski, who co-wrote the movie with David Mitchell and Aleksandar Hemon, is referencing her own experience when asked to make a fourth movie. Headquarters film.

Before The Matrix resurrections was announced, there is were reports in 2017 that Warner Bros. was planning to relaunch the franchise without the Wachowski sisters, who had publicly said they didn’t want to do another Headquarters film. With that in mind, it’s easy to see Ricci’s character as one of many studio executives who cornered the Wachowski sisters into continuing a franchise they said was done.

It’s a short scene, but it says it all, and Ricci hit the nail on the head with the false executive brand of enthusiasm. Drag them!

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