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Twitch and Facebook Gaming audiences grew a lot in 2021 | Levelup

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Video game content streaming platforms have had an exceptional growth in recent years, however, with the onslaught of the pandemic, as with video game consumption, it grew at a faster rate. Well, despite the fact that preventive isolation measures for the pandemic in 2021 were lightened, streaming platforms managed to retain the great inertia of last year’s performance.

The leading streaming platform, Twitch, recorded 24 billion hours (24,000 million) of hours seen in 2021, which means that there was a growth of 45% compared to what was seen in 2020, according to figures from StreamElements and ( via Another of the favorite streaming platforms, Facebook Gaming, also registered very good results, as its users consumed 5.3 billion hours of content, which represents a growth of 47% compared to last year.

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What were the most popular titles on Twitch in 2021?

According to the report, Grand Theft Auto V It is still a fan-favorite title, as it managed to get users to watch 2.1 billion hours of content, which represented a massive increase of 175% compared to 2020.

League of Legends It is not far behind, because during 2021 it managed to generate 1.8 billion hours viewed, although its growth was lower, 28.5% compared to last year.

In third place is Fortnite, as users watched 1 billion hours of the Batlle Royale, which caused the title to experience a growth of 10.6% compared to 2021.

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