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They build a new and impressive Gundam statue in Japan | Levelup

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Interesting news is coming from Japan for fans of large robots, as a new statue has just been completed Nu Gundam in Fukuoka and it looks awesome.

The new Nu Gundam will leave you speechless

As you can surely imagine, the attractions of Gundam They continue to have great success in the Asian country, so a new giant robot has just been built that you will want to visit in the future.

This is the giant-sized statue of Nu Gundam based on the RX-93 Nu Gundam piloted by Amuro Ray, a character from the anime film Mobile Suit Gundam: Char contraataca, from 1988.

Here you can see it on video:

Said robot was announced in September of this year and has become the largest so far, this thanks to its 24.8 meters high, enough to beat the RX-78-2 Gundam model in Yokohama, which remains at 18 meters.

It is worth mentioning that the statue modified some parts of the original design seen in the film, all this to achieve some adjustments that made possible a stability in the Gundam.

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Finally, and according to the information shared, this new Nu Gundam will form the centerpiece of Gundam Park Fukuoka, a new area of ​​attraction for all lovers of giant robots.

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