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The first update of Big Brain Academy is now available: Brain vs. Brain | Levelup

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Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain It was released on December 3 and has become a good option for all Switch users who want to train their brain. And to continue offering a good experience to its players, it has just been reported that the title has already received its first patch.

The first update of Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain

This new installment of the franchise is about a collection of minigames divided into 5 categories of mental dexterity (Acuity, Memory, Analysis, Calculation and Perception), all of them focused on multiplayer.

The title is not yet a month since its premiere and Nintendo decided to launch its first update that will correct some of its errors and improve the general experience of each gamer.

Here you can see what its version 1.1.0 includes:

  • Added a setting to restrict bug images in Fast Focus, Super Fast Focus, Speed ​​Classification and Super Speed ​​Classification in each mode
  • Moved the secret button that hides your age to a position where it is easier to find on the screen
  • Added an option for when you have not been issued a Ghost ID and can get it from the Ghost Clash top screen
  • Fixed an issue in Ghost Clash where the opponent’s ghost would stop moving
  • Fixed other issues to improve the gaming experience

As you can see, this new update will allow your playtime in Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain be much more comfortable and you can fully focus on fun with your friends.

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If you have not yet tried this Switch title, we remind you that there is a demo available in the eShop that you can download for free.

Have you already downloaded this update? Tell us in the comments.

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