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The 20 best games you can buy for less than 5 euros in the Christmas sales

We are already fully in the Christmas season and, as usual, digital stores become a minefield with offers, discounts and sales for a limited time. Our portfolio cries to see that the best prices come when we have more expenses, but thanks to this article you will be able to buy cheap digital games para PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, PC y Nintendo Switch without spending more than 5 euros.

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  • Sine Mora EX from 0.99

    • 0.99 and eShop
    • 1.99 and Steam
    • 3,99 en Xbox Store
    • 3.99 in PS Store (con PS Plus)

    Without Delay EX is a frantic and defiant side scrolling shooter game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, the company behind the series No More Heroes, and with the participation of big names of the Japanese development, like the composer Akira Yamaoka or the anime designer Mahiro Maeda. An essential for those who enjoy good arcade.

    Among Us from 2.99

    • 2.99 and Steam
    • 3.43 and eShop
    • 3.99 and PS Store
    • 4,99 en Xbox Store

    Among Us It is already a phenomenon of the video game, a complete mass success that does not hurt to have in the library even if we do not play it every day. Its usual price is not high, but it is appreciated to be able to buy it with an additional discount and not be left out of the group when our friends want play online to find out who the suspect is.

    Undertale from 2.99

    Capture of Undertale.

  • 2.99 and Steam
  • Undertale has become a true modern classic of indie video game. Toby Fox’s magnificent work surprises from graphic minimalism, leading us by the hand to a peculiar adventure where an acid sense of humor and an exciting dramatic story converge, not to mention the iconic soundtrack and the fun confrontations against enemies and final bosses. .

    Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons desde 2,99

    Captura de Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

    • 2.99 and Steam
    • 2.99 and eShop
    • 3,99 en Xbox Store

    This year Hazelight, the study of Josef Fares, Has published It Takes Two, a local cooperative game that has surprised critics and the public with its brilliant game design; but the virtues of this new project are not understood without Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, one of the first Fares developments that already made an impact when it was originally launched in 2013. If you want to experience a emotional family adventure With an original control system, you can’t miss this indie.

    Fallout: New Vegas desde 2,99

    Captura de Fallout New Vegas.

    • 2.99 and Steam
    • 4,49 en Xbox Store

    Although many years have passed since its original release, Fallout: New Vegas never gets old; This colossal post-apocalyptic role-playing adventure is one of the best reinterpretations the universe has ever had Fallout, especially for the amount of hours of game it offers thanks to its variety of interaction options with its world and its factions. Buying it for less than five euros is always a good idea.

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    Dicey Dungeons desde 2,99

    Captura de Dicey Dungeons.

    • 2.99 and eShop
    • 3.12 and Steam

    If you like roguelike you can’t miss Dicey Dungeons, an independent title that challenges us to survive a contest in which we become a series of giant dice. There are six characters, each with their own abilities, who will face a series of enemies in each round. The strategies will compete with the chance of rolling the dice, so we have to be careful not to spoil everything and go back to the beginning to start from scratch.

    This War of Mine desde 3,59

    • 3.59 and eShop
    • 3.79 and Steam

    This War of Mine is a crude video game about war that flees from the traditional to put ourselves in the shoes of civilians, instead of in that of the soldiers. We play in dark two-dimensional settings where we have to find shelters to survive to bombardments and unpredictable attacks, making decisions that can be fatal for our characters. Maybe it is not the flattering game for these dates, but for that price it cannot be missed.

    Townscaper from 3.99

    • 2.99 and Steam
    • 4.49 and eShop
    • 4,99 en Xbox Store

    Christmas is toy season, that’s why we bring you this recommendation: Townscaper could be defined as a virtual toy, rather than a video game, because it allows us to build our own miniature cities at the click of a mouse. One click, a house; two houses, one building. Thus we will be shaping a town that will be modified while we improvise on our blank canvas in the shape of an infinite ocean. Any design will look good, that’s the magic of the game.

    GRAY from 4.24

    GRAY screenshot.

  • 4.24 and Steam
  • Gray is one of the most acclaimed Spanish video games of recent years. We control a young woman on a beautiful journey through watercolor scenery in search of the lost colors. Little by little the gray world will fill with pastel tones, something that will also allow us to unlock new abilities and unravel an emotional story that is told without words.

    A Short Hike desde 4,28

    Captura de A Short Hike.

    • 4.28 and Steam
    • 4.89 and eShop

    Would you like to take a walk in the countryside but don’t have any nearby? Don’t worry A Short Hike makes it easy for you with his peculiar proposal of hiking and climbing in a beautiful mountain full of characters to interact with, secrets to find and ravines from which to launch ourselves to plan. It may not be an extremely long game, but you will definitely want to come back to it again and again because it has a gameplay especially rewarding.

    The Sims 4 from 4.79

    • 4.79 and Steam
    • 4.79 and PS Store

    If there is a game that we always want to return to, that is without a doubt Go Sims 4, to whom has not suddenly come the overwhelming need to create a new family, build a house and decorate it to your taste? During the Christmas sales we can get the base version of the game at a very low price, so much so that we even have something left over to get hold of its many expansions.

    Dragon Age Inquisition desde 4,79

    Captura from Dragon Age Inquisition.

  • 4.79 and Steam
  • Dragon Age Inquisition is the latest installment in this magnificent fantasy role-playing saga from BioWare, a title that has both lovers and detractors, but which will undoubtedly appeal to those looking for a pica adventure that delves into this vast universe. It offers a good amount of hours for less than five euros, so we consider it a very good option.

    Titanfall 2 from 4.79

    Screenshot of Titanfall 2.

    • 4.79 and Steam
    • 4,99 en Xbox Store

    Titanfall 2 It went unnoticed by many people when they were originally released in 2016, but little by little it has been receiving the reception it deserves and today it has almost become a cult game. The forerunner of Apex Legends has one of the best firing systems That takes advantage of to narrate a surprisingly emotional story in its campaign mode and that also remains strong in its multiplayer. It is one of those games that you have to play so s.

    Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes por 4,94

    Captura de Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

  • 4.94 and Steam
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is the perfect game for Christmas gatherings at home. There is a bomb (virtual, of course) that can only defuse one of the people in the group, and it will while the rest shout the instructions that are available in a manual that the person in charge of deactivating it cannot look at. A hilarious cooperative game that does not require several controllers to play and is also compatible with virtual reality.

    Yakuza 0 for 4.99

    Capture of Yakuza 0.

    • 4,99 en Xbox Store
    • 4.99 and Steam

    The saga Yakuza is one of those must-haves for anyone who enjoys good third-person action video games, so Yakuza 0 is the obvious recommendation to enter it: we will travel to Japan in 1988 to follow the adventures of Kiryu Kazuma y Goro Majima handing out cakes to those who dare to interfere with the family.

    Terraria from 4.99

  • 4.99 and Steam
  • Terraria is a project that has been growing for years, so that today it has a huge variety of content that we can enjoy on PC for less than five euros. A game of crafteo, exploration, combat and construction in two dimensions that will keep us hooked for many hours, one of those ideal games for the free moments of the Christmas holidays.

    Light blue from 4.99

  • 4.99 and Steam
  • There are few games as peculiar as Celeste, a platforms demanding, difficult like him alone, who also keeps an emotional story of self-improvement inside him. To that we must add a beautiful graphic section and some careful accessibility options that allow us to adapt the difficulty to our needs to enjoy the game without pressure.

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 from 4.99

    Screenshot of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

  • 4.99 and Steam
  • Maybe you think that a game like Euro Truck Simulator 2 It is not for you, but there are not a few people who have stopped thinking that after getting behind the wheel of one of the giants of the road that are available in this truck driving simulator. Becomes relaxing sit at the computer and go a long way while we listen to our favorite station, so why not do it now that it is available at such a low price?

    Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon desde 4,99

    • 4.99 and PS Store
    • 4.99 and Steam
    • 4,99 en Xbox Store (con Gold)

    Imagine having a game of Castlevania old-fashioned, with graphics of the time, with a gameplay that kept the essence of those magnificent games and with an original design, untold enemies and levels created for the occasion. That is basically Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, a title that Koji Igarashi himself created to bring back the virtues of that iconic formula.

    XCOM 2 since 4.99

    Screenshot of XCOM 2.

  • 4.99 and Steam
  • Those who enjoy good strategy games should not leave out XCOM 2, a challenging title that takes us to borderline situations in turn-based battles against alien forces that have invaded Earth. We warn you in advance that it is a demanding video game, which will put you between a rock and a hard place on more than one occasion and in which you have to be vigilant, measuring each decision, if we do not want our valuable characters to disappear forever.

    Special mention: Inscryption for 5.98 on the Epic Games Store

  • 5,98 en Epic Games Store
  • For the realization of this article we have set a strict limit of five euros, but we are going to skip it to indicate that you can buy Inscryption for a few more pennies thanks to the Epic Coupon available on the Epic Games Store – you can get this additional discount of 10 euros claiming any of the free games that the platform gives away every day, and once obtained you apply it to the purchase of Inscryption, which has a recommended price of 15,98 . This is how you can get one of the best games of the year for less than six euros.

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