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Tesla will disable video games in their cars while they are on the move | Levelup

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Tesla cars offer a more than complete experience to users, since they even allow you to play video games. However, this detail generated a recent controversy, as the United States government is not happy with drivers being distracted while driving.

Due to this, he initiated an investigation into the matter with the goal that the Passenger Play function changes and does not allow video games to work while a vehicle is in motion.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the US Department of Transportation has already achieved what it was looking for, as Tesla will make a major adjustment to Passenger Play.

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Tesla cars will no longer run video games on the move

According to a report by The Guardian (via Engaged), Tesla prepared a response to the demands of the United States government regarding video games in its vehicles. As a result, the company will disable games when its cars are in motion.

The report reveals that this change was negotiated by Tesla during a meeting with officials, where he promised that he would do something about it. Passenger Play will change through an update that will be released on a date to be confirmed.

Despite the adjustment, the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will continue with the investigation, believing the company offers vehicles with risky features.

For this reason, the agency will analyze the cases of 580,000 Tesla electric cars, including models from 2017 to the company’s latest vehicles. As of this writing, Tesla has not announced any other measures related to the investigation.

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