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Target PS5 Restock Sold Out – Where to Check Inventory Next

Update: Today’s surprising Target PS5 restock is over as the retailer sold out once again. Be sure to check out our PS5 restock center for the latest updates and retailers to check inventory below.

The holidays are almost here and Target is running an eleventh hour PS5 restock right now. The last drop from the retailer came last week, and we’re assuming it would be the last before the holiday season. But the retailer surprised us with an unexpected drop just in time for the holidays.

The news of this PS5 restock originally came from Jake Randall, a full-time YouTuber and PS5 stock tracker, with really reliable Target sources. He stated that in recent days Target stores have shipped a new batch of consoles and that it should only be a matter of time before these units go on sale. This turned out to be very accurate and the retailer is receiving new orders.

Target PS5 Resupply (In Stock)

Randall suggests that these consoles could go online today (December 24) or tomorrow (December 24, also known as Christmas Eve). Target restocks require customers to pick up the console at the store after shopping online, so a restock this week would offer customers one last chance to secure a PS5 to give away for the holidays.

Target shipped PS5s to their stores over the weekend, and as of today, most stores have received their shipments. The stores below had 0 a couple days ago, for example. These will be on the website for sale tomorrow, Friday or at the end of next week (read on for the weather) 23, 2021

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It should be noted that there is a possibility that this resupply will be delayed until next week. As for the exact timing of this next drop, that’s another question mark, but Target always opens the order gates between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. ET. There is no reason to think that this would change after dozens of previous refills following this pattern.

There is definitely reason to be optimistic about this resupply news. Jake Randall has previously correctly called several Target drops ahead of time; Your sources at the retailer are extremely reliable. However, until the news comes directly from Target, this notice should not be taken as a guarantee.

While we wait to see if this latest Target drop opportunity materializes, be sure to bookmark our PS5 restock center. This comprehensive guide contains the latest replenishment information as we get it, as well as any rumors or potential leaks we find. It won’t guarantee you a PS5, but it can make scoring Sony’s on-demand gaming console a bit easier.

How to buy a PS5 at Target

First of all, make sure you have an account set up with your payment and address details stored. This is a vital step if you want to insure a PS5 during a resupply. Getting stocks in your basket is only half the battle; You don’t want the console to run out while you enter your data. Make sure everything is pre-saved so you can pay in seconds.

Target is known for launching stocks in waves, usually going first with the PS5 Standard Edition and then continue with a refueling of the PS5 digital edition. So even if you go into retail and the PS5 is already sold out, it’s worth spending the extra time to see if you can catch a second wave.

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Randall also suggests using alternative payment methods like PayPal, Apple Pay, or RedCard if possible. The advantage of these is that they use a separate payment portal that bypasses Target’s own servers that in the past collapsed under pressure from thousands of people trying to secure that coveted order confirmation email.

Target also has an app that can be used to try and secure a PS5. A good trick is to try to pay during a refill on both a desktop computer and a mobile device. It is recommended that if you manage to add the PS5 to your cart in one, you switch to the other to complete the payment. As long as you are connected, it will keep track of the contents of your cart.

Finally, at checkout, you can edit your location to select a store that has PS5s in stock if your local branch is out of stock. Occasionally doing this may prevent you from continuing through the checkout process, but if you encounter this problem, simply clear your browser cookies and try a second time.

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