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RuneScape, how to get the precious Golden Party Hat? • Console and Dashboard

RuneScape is an MMORPG available for free download. Those who already know this Jagex proposal will know that it can be played on Windows and Mac, as well as on iOS and Android devices. Under the motto “the rebirth of a classic adventure” is one of the great references of the genre.

It offers a world of possibilities, with constant updates. The player has the freedom to move around his fantasy world. Luckily, the pace to take is in your hand. Among the most demanded content, we find the precious Golden Party Hat. We will tell you what it is about and how to get it.


The first thing we should know is that each account of RuneScape It is limited to a Golden Party Hat. This golden party hat is a rare item, but also a marketable one, capable of delighting the biggest fans.

Launched on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the game, consists of eight golden fragments. For a total of six weeks, we can get hold of them. The result? A hat to show off in front of friends and strangers. A taste of our love for RuneScape.

Now, where are those parts of the article located? We will have until January 3, 2022 to find them, so we better hurry. If you are one of those who did not start the search on November 22, coinciding with the beginning of the event, we recommend that you follow this short guide. There is no time to lose!

The locations of the golden shards

By territory, we have eleven fragments. The good news is that you will only need eight to get your Golden Party Hat. However, we tell you where to get those once, in case someone resists you more than necessary.

We will get the first one by talking to the wise old man, located outside the area of ​​the great exchanges, in Varrock. It could not be easier, which will encourage you to continue with the search.

You will find the second fragment by completing the anniversary mission Once upon a time in Gielinor, while the third is a game of possibilities. Thus, each time we win a war mark, we will have the option of getting a precious fragment.

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The fourth could be reached by completing clue scrolls. Do youAre we over training? By training combat skills, such as attack, strength, defense, prayer, magic, or summoning, we could get a fifth. The sixth we would receive by training gathering skills such as mining, fishing, agriculture, hunting, archeology or logging.

If we get to train craftsmanship skills, we would receive the seventh. They go through the smithy, kitchen or construction. Support skills such as agility would translate to an eighth.

At level 15 of the free hint Christmas Yak Track, thematic event, we will have the ninth. We will have the tenth if we buy it for 30 million gold. At this point, it is convenient to take a parenthesis.

Golden Party Hat fragmentos

Gold, an aid to the Golden Party Hat

The easy thing is to exchange gold for a fragment, as long as we know how to obtain it. As is well reported in the tutorial of the RuneScape, gold is essential when it comes to progress. The option Buy RS3 Gold It is used to fill the account with gold. At least, in part.

We know that combat is one of the most complicated elements of RuneScape, but he’s not the only one. As we go through legends and traditions, we will come across charming characters. Of course, also with villains. We choose one way or another, we need to buy increasingly expensive equipment. Assumes a extra effort.

Skills, basic when it comes to defeating enemies and bosses, also consume supplies. They therefore entail a constant loss of gold. We will find items whose gold value is less than what we needed to get them.

There are players capable of spending hours and hours a day in front of the screen, with the sole objective of filling their pockets with gold. Not everyone is willing to repeat the same routine day after day, even if they are accompanied by friends in each task. Either we get discouraged, especially if we are newbies, or we look for methods that shed light on this situation.

Bonuses that are exchanged for gold eliminate the most tedious part of the game. They change it for pure fun, allowing explore at will and complete challenges in a more relaxed way. Without so much pressure, headaches and anger at yourself.

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The process to follow is simple. We select the amount of gold in millions that we need and obtain estimates in a direct way. For example, today, 50 million would be equivalent to less than 3 euros. 500 to less than 30.


It is usual that we are rewarded with extra amounts as the purchases are larger. It is something that we must take into account to optimize to the maximum. Buying 100 million every day would be unrewarded, so a look into the future would save us quite a bit of money in real life. You know, a person who is forewarned is worth two …

We must understand that, also in an imitation of real life, prices fluctuate. That is why they change every day, adapting to the market rates.

After the transaction is complete, an agent provides us with a location. Of course, within the game. We meet him there to receive the requested gold. It will be ours forever. Or rather, until we spend it.

It is important to follow a series of recommendations. Even if a supplier is safe, we should never return the gold to anyone. There could be “characters” posing as employees, demanding that return. Knowing that the platform will never demand a refund, we can fall asleep.

Ideally, go to a seller with positive reviews. They will be synonymous with trust, so we will breathe easy. No less important is to ensure that payments are made through official domains. Letting yourself be advised by the experts in case of any doubt that may arise will save us more than one upset.

As a curiosity, there is the OSRS Gold. It’s a way to get straight into the action at Old School Runescape. Which for many is a connection between past and present, combines graphics that made history with a gameplay full of current mechanics.

For many years that have passed since its premiere, it continues to delight the most nostalgic players. From true retro lovers. As in real life, lack of funds means fewer options. If fortune accompanies us, a universe opens before our eyes.

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With this, it also has gold service providers, where thousands of players around the world buy and sell this precious element. We will continue within that fantasy, with a return to the real world with a round trip ticket. Sooner than we expect, our character will be able to wear the most exclusive cosmetic. The dream equipment.

Gold is essential in OSRS, but it is not everything. That is why these platforms offer varied services. We can get an account already started, at a high level, which will also save us some not always rewarding starts.

Repetitive tasks are part of the experience, but luckily, there are enough means to avoid them. If we’ve gotten stuck on a mission (or simply want to skip it), there will also be someone to complete it.


A long-awaited reward

Continuing with the locations of the fragments, the last one would come with the purchase of Premier Club 2022 membership. It is important to note that it is not necessary to obtain them in any specific order. In fact, we can try to find the ones that best suit our style of play.

Nothing prevents us from getting more than eight, but as their creators report, the additional parts will have no use. We will not be able to exchange them, so if we already have them, no more effort is necessary.

Suppose we already have the necessary fragments. What is the next step? It is clear: exchange them for the Golden Party Hat. Although we cannot get parts beyond January 3, we will be able to redeem them for the hat until January 17. The most clueless will have no excuses, preventing the fragments from turning to dust and, ultimately, a lost opportunity.

Once we have it, we can show it off. In fact, it is likely to end up becoming the fashion accessory of RuneScape for a long time. It is not for less, since only six Golden Party Hats have been released in the twenty years of history from the hit video game. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is a coveted item, above powerful weapons.


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