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RUMOR: Star Wars Eclipse development process is a disaster | Levelup

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The end of the period of exclusivity of Star Wars with Electronic Arts it opened the door to various projects originating from other companies, however, no one expected Quantic Dream to be doing something and during The Game Awards 2021 we met Star Wars Eclipse. Although any project of the franchise in recent times that lives in video games is exciting, it seems that there are problems in its development because the decision was surprising, even for the French company.

Rumors indicate that Star Wars Eclipse it is a disaster in its development process

According to information from Tom Henderson, a journalist for VGC, Star Wars Eclipse is facing various development problems and the process is being complicated for Quantic Dream. Initially, it was revealed that it was originally an MMORPG project with a code name Project Karma, which was presented to Sony | PlayStation but was rejected in favor of what it would be Detroit: Become Hiuman.

Despite this decision, Quantic Dream kept the essential elements of the project hoping to resume them at some point and after a meeting with Lucasfilm they received approval to turn it into a title of Star Wars.

Star Wars Eclipse can’t reach its potential and there’s pressure to be a next-gen game

According to the information, this moment coincided with Quantic Dream’s initiative to put itself up for sale in search of greater resources, but the complaints against the company for abuse and workplace harassment scared off potential buyers, so the project Star Wars Eclipse it continued its development with what is at hand.

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According to Tom Henderson’s sources, this led to another problem for Star Wars Eclipse And it is that the graphics engine that Quantic Dream has is causing many problems because it has defined limits in terms of scenarios and the presence and interaction with a certain number of NPCs. Likewise, the limitations of the engine would be preventing the project from reaching the desired level and more because it would be a new generation game, so the pressure is greater and something from the PS4 or Xbox One era cannot be offered.

Finally, the journalist pointed out that Star Wars Eclipse It has been in development for 18 months but there is no playable version yet, and right now, Quantic Dream is facing staffing issues due to employment scandals in recent years.

It should be noted that this is unofficial information, but it is a reliable source so it should be taken as such while waiting to know more about Star Wars Eclipse .

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