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Reverse? Judge Orders DFEH Limit Regarding Activision-Blizzard Agreement | Levelup

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The Activision-Blizzard scandal also takes place in the legal field because it should not be forgotten that the company is under a lawsuit by the California Department of Housing and Fair Employment (DFEH) for situations of abuse and harassment in the company. In the midst of the controversy, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) wanted to do the same, but was more benevolent with the company and an agreement was reached, which was criticized and that motivated the DFEH to oppose its celebration. However, the authorities have not ruled in favor of the department and it will be very limited in its participation.

The Activision-Blizzard scandal is also in legal terrain

It seems that Activision-Blizzard, its attorneys and the EEOC could get away with it, although not entirely, as Judge Dale S. Fischer made the denial official for the DFEH to oppose and participate directly in the settlement process. that takes place between the video game company and the commission. In this regard, it is worth remembering that the controversy began when Activision and the EEOC announced that they would avoid the lawsuit thanks to a commitment that included the creation of a fund of $ 18 million for the care of the victims. After being announced, the DFEH opposed, supported by groups of workers, and presented a controversy that did not take long to collapse as the EEOC representatives accused a conflict of interest, pointing out that some lawyers worked in both entities in the same case.

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The DFEH has been very limited, but the $ 18 million settlement has not been approved

After a period of review of the above, Judge Dale S. Fischer noted: “I think that I should send both parties to a mediator, regardless of whether Activision is involved in this. Apparently they have been working well together for a long time, and will have We have to work well together in the future. It seems that not only the defendant, but also some of these employees and former employees who are going to get caught in the middle and that’s not appropriate. “

Subsequently, the judge determined that the best thing was to limit the participation of the DFEH, but not in a definitive way, since having a public interest in the case, the department will be able to express its point of view through a representative: “although the court considers that formal intervention is not appropriate, the DFEH has sufficient general public interest in the issue of this lawsuit and its resolution, so the court will allow it to present its position regarding the revised consent decree. “

Finally, the expectation is now in what will happen with the agreement between Activision-Blizzard and the EEOC that would create the $ 18 million fund, considered by third parties as insufficient and risky for future cases, as the judge reported earlier this week that the The decision you make regarding the parties involved does not mean that you will approve such an arrangement.

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