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Resident Evil: launch of the first 9 minutes of the movie Welcome to Raccoon City

Sony Pictures launches Resident Evil: Welcome to the first nine minutes of Raccoon City in honor of the horror reboot hitting digital platforms.

Sony Pictures Releases Resident Evil: Bienvenido a Raccoon CityThe first nine minutes in honor of the horror reboot that hits digital platforms. The new adaptation of Capcom’s survival horror franchise acts as a reboot of the film series and adapts the events of the first two. Demonic resident games. The story splits its focus between Chris Redfield and the rest of his Rescue Service and Special Tactics Team (STARS) as they investigate the Spencer Mansion as his sister Chris and rookie Raccoon police officer Leon S. Kennedy struggle to survive a zombie outbreak in the title. town, all of which is apparently linked to the sinister drug company Umbrella.

Kaya Scodelairo led the cast of Resident Evil: Bienvenido a Raccoon City as Claire alongside Hannah John-Kamen as Jill Valentine, Robbie Amell as Chris, Tom Hopper as Albert Wesker, and Avan Jogia as Leon S. Kennedy. Development on the reboot started shortly before the release of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, with Greg Russo initially attached to write the script for the project, though he would eventually leave and work at Warner Bros. Mortal Kombat While 47 meters below Filmmaker Johannes Roberts was hired to write and direct. Resident Evil: Bienvenido a Raccoon City hit theaters to a mixed response from critics and audiences alike last November and a modest box office reception.

To celebrate the film’s digital rental premiere, Sony Pictures He has launched Resident Evil: Bienvenido a Raccoon Citythe first nine minutes (through IGN). The video sees young Claire and Chris Redfield at the titular town orphanage, the first look at Lisa Trevor and Claire’s return to town as adults. See the opening minutes below:

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The opening Resident Evil: Bienvenido a Raccoon City minutes serves as a nice preview of the film’s efforts to shape the story in a true video game way and resorting to a horror-centric tone compared to the action-heavy fare of the Milla Jovovich movies. Lisa Trevor’s introduction rightly establishes her as a terrifying experiment in the movie, even if she would later get a more redemptive arc compared to her position as boss in Demonic resident. In addition, the introduction of the Trucker Resident Evil 2 Mark one of many fun Easter Eggs for game fans to delight in!

On the other hand, Resident Evil: Bienvenido a Raccoon CityThe first nine minutes similarly highlight the film’s deviations from its source material, including Chris and Claire’s origins in growing up in the Raccoon City orphanage and interacting with Lisa Trevor. The film’s attempt to faithfully adapt the Demonic resident The games largely divided critics, with many appreciating the attempts, while others felt it alienated those unfamiliar with the Capcom franchise. With no sequel formally announced at the moment, audiences can catch up on Resident Evil: Bienvenido a Raccoon City in cinemas and digital platforms now.

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