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Phil Spencer: The Metaverse Must Prioritize Creators and Users or It Will Fail | Levelup

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The Metaverse is imminent and companies interested in it will not wait for anyone to implement it in the daily lives of Internet users, after all they consider it as the next step in this experience. However, there are those who are being cautious and questioning the decisions that are being made in this regard, such as John Carmack of Oculus, and recently Phil Spencer, who spoke on the subject from an Xbox perspective.

Phil Spencer keeps his cool on the Metaverse

During an interview with Protocol (via Pure Xbox), Phil Spencer, head of Xbox and vice president of the games division of Microsoft, spoke about the Metaverse and what is to come in terms of changes in interactions and ways in which the Internet is used. In that sense, Spencer made it clear that his perspective is that the Metaverse should place content creators and users at the center because so far it seems that we have only heard over and over again what companies say about this technology and what that for them is their potential: “You have to ask, why is this Metaverse, which a lot of people are focusing on, better for the players? Why is it better for the creators? I think it’s easy for many companies of technology describe why it might be better for them, but we’ve just learned that if we put the player at the center, to use my gaming vocabulary again, and build an ecosystem that works around their needs and the needs of the creators, the platform dynamics will take off. “

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Xbox if you think about the Metaverse but only if it’s a good thing for gamers

On the other hand, the head of Xbox acknowledged that the brand will be part of the Metaverse, although it is not known when, but at all times it will continue its current line that is in favor of the players, that is, if it is something good for the user and your gaming experience will pass. Likewise, he took the opportunity to warn that if this is not the case, he does not see a promising future for the Metaverse: “we will participate in the Metaverse with the same sensitivities that we have had in video games, under the idea that people should be able to play the games they want, where they want, and with the people they want to play with. We thought that, in the end, that opens up a bigger experience for creators and gamers. If not something that improves the experience for gamers and creators, you will lose. You have to start with that as a basic principle. “

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