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Maxima wears her new outfit and confirms her appearance in The King of Fighters XV | Levelup

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There are only a few weeks until The King of Fighters XV debuts and SNK continues to reveal more characters that will be part of the starting fighter roster. Months ago, the popular K ‘was announced and his team had not been confirmed, but SNK has already made its members known with the revelation of Maxima.

As expected, the steel human weapon will be back in The King of Fighters XV. The former member of NESTS will be present in the new installment and will bring back his classic Type-M fighting style, characterized by his lunges and strong blows at close range.

His fighting style is the same, but there is something different about his outfit, as SNK decided to add lighting to the blue stripes on his outfit. Thus, these lines are dynamically switched on and off during battles.

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Maxima will team up with K ‘and Whip

Something interesting is that, with the revelation of this character, Team K ‘was confirmed, made up of Maxima, Whip and, of course, K’. Unfortunately, fans who wanted to see the 2 characters team up with Kula Diamond will have to wait for his confirmation, but it is very possible that he will return, considering that he is very popular.

There is a possibility that Kula will be part of Team NESTS, who could return together with Krohnen (already announced, with similarity to K9999) and Angel. This latest fighter has not been announced either, but we must remember that apparently there will be no Team Mexico, so it would be the perfect opportunity for her to team up with Kula and Krohnen. We will keep you informed.

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In case you missed it: The King of Fighters XV will have a collector’s edition.

What did you think of the novelties in Maxima’s outfit?

The King of Fighters XV It will debut on February 17, 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC. You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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